There are three habits that smart people are secretly developing. Learn any one of them and you’ll be able to reverse them

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Do you know the habits of extremely smart people?What is it that the rest of us don’t have?Actually you want to learn any of these items, you can achieve counter attack roll over, and, for life, the first one, is a wise man ah, have been sign with their own future, always focus on the future, while stupid people only live in the present, habitually to pursue the current content, such as holding the brush short video phone, you play games for the next one night,And the masters, are not in the layout of their future all the time, even if it is a short video, but also brush and their industry related information, because they have a strong willpower?In fact, it is not all, but because of habit, because of the sense of crisis ah, they always ah, maintain a sense of crisis, they have to move forward.Let’s say you want to quit smoking, you can put your head of a bed a drawing of the lungs of smokers, browse a news about the smoking to death every day, are you afraid of his lazy do not love sports, you can set the dinner place in front of the gym, you worry that they will be playing games, you can make an appointment a immersion study room instead of your room, and went to study in inside.In short, when you predict that the future will be out of control, it is time to develop a plan and sense of crisis.The second habit is to think of yourself as a piece of gold. No matter what others think, there are two kinds of people in this world. One is stone, and the other is gold.Think of yourself as the stone of the people, he was only believe destiny only talent, they always feel to do this, do that, always feel that everything around you need someone else to write in an ornate style, to rely on others, and type of gold, thinks the world of all skills can be learned.I am gold ah, I always have to shine that moment ah, never easily deny themselves.The stone personality, however, tends to have these three shortcomings. The first is that it is extremely painful for you to learn anything new, and even at the beginning, you give up directly, because you think you don’t have the talent.Second, you will have a very low level of self-esteem, because you think that you are inferior to others in every way just by comparing yourself with them. Moreover, you think that these shortcomings are born and cannot be changed.Number three, you get into a cycle of negative energy ah, I want to, but I can’t, so I can’t, I can’t change, it’s not my fault.And the wise three habits, is constantly adjust their understanding of the world, many ordinary people, will be on the relationship between oneself and the world completely uninterested in their eyes, what’s it like in this world, just depends on the mobile phone to push him what kind of information, and automatically assume that oh, they already know all this, this,In the Internet age, it appears to be no problem, but has it ever occurred to you, it will bring you a huge problem, or even a question of will accompany your life, that’s you never actively in-depth to understand the world because the world ah, you don’t see things ah, still has a lot of ah, you don’t know more.Most of the time ah, why do you often inexplicable feel irritable, feel anxious, full of confusion to the future, DO not know where the road is?Clearly oneself ah, just want to simple and happy after this life, but always ah, have to do something we don’t want to do, so, you start to become not confident, and the source, is you don’t understand this society, did not understand the complexity between people ah, you don’t understand this complex relationship,Why are capitalists criticized on the Internet is the source of all evil, but their own, but also continue to learn all kinds of skills ah, to work for them, to work, you have thought about this problem?Or do you know the answers to these questions clearly?Most people would say, I don’t know, I never thought about it, I just want to make money.But the truth is you’re not making any money.Why a lot of time, although arrived at weekend, obviously a day what thing did not do, always feel him however particularly tired?Feel as if the body is emptied, what do not work hard, because the idea in their brain and their behavior is exactly opposite, the law of this world is opposite, so, the road will go farther and farther, more and more wrong, more and more black, this is your own internal consumption of their ah.If you don’t understand the above three habits, I suggest you read them several times. If you can do any of them, I guarantee your life will be different