Unique luxury charm Range Rover Sport Tiger power ambitious interpretation of the new modern luxury

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Launched in 2005, the Range Rover Sport continues the range Rover’s brand of luxury and performance while delivering a dynamic driving experience.As ambitious as the tiger in 2022, Land Rover released the Range Rover Sport Tiger Ambitious edition, to empower the design to define the “new modern luxury”.The new car combines classic design, powerful performance, luxurious configuration and exquisite details to show the supreme charm of luxury.The Range Rover Sport is the most dynamic vehicle in the Range Rover family. Powerful lines create a sporty look, while simple design and elegant details create a sporty luxury interior.Designed for China market version from ambition by land rover range rover sport version custom build SV center, the family design language, santorini black car body and SangJiNai los orange body with black roof two exterior color choices, exclusive Tiger tail has a logo, a 22 inch 5 radial black effect of aluminium alloy wheel hub and black cover.The ebony and ivory interiors contain a number of customised design elements, including Tiger patterned welcome lights, Tiger welcome pedals and Tiger relief headrests, all reflecting Land Rover’s attention to elegance and detail.Following the family tradition, the Range Rover Sport Tiger Ambition boasts exceptional all-terrain capability and outstanding power performance.Based on THE HST model, the new car is equipped with A 3.0L twin supercharged engine of Aviva, with a maximum power of 400 HP, a peak torque of 550 N · m and a 100km acceleration time of only 5.9 seconds, bringing surging power feelings to drivers.Matching the 48-volt mild hybrid system, not only further improves the output power, but also provides better running comfort and response speed.The Range Rover family has always adhered to the spirit of pioneering and innovation, and set a model for the industry in terms of energy efficiency, intelligent connectivity, luxury texture and excellent performance.The Range Rover Sport Is a combination of powerful power, luxury and passionate dynamic driving experience, recognized and sought after by many consumers, with a unique design style interpretation of the connotation of new modern luxury.For more information about Range Rover Sport Tiger Power Ambitious, please visit Anhui Yongda Jaguar Land Rover Dealer at any time, 400-960-2146, address: No. 48 Changchun Street, Baohe Automobile City, Baohe District, Hefei city, Anhui Province.