Xinyu Fen Yi county playground township: thousands of acres of mustard like to increase income, rural revitalization painting new scene

2022-05-25 0 By

March fields, intoxicating “abundant” panoramic view.This month is the golden season for mustard picking. Walking into the mustard base of Taihu Village of Playground township, more than 100 villagers are busy picking, cutting, curing and drying in the fields, which is a scene in full swing.”The mustard planting period is after the late rice harvest and before the planting of the next year’s early rice, and the technical requirements are not high. After the late rice harvest, the village has free fields, so this can be done.”In 2021, Huang Yinsheng, secretary of the Party General Branch of Taihu Village, learned that mustard planting has a broad prospect. After consulting with merchants in Zhejiang, communicating with leaders in getting rich, and communicating and explaining to villagers, he transferred more than 800 mu of land and adopted the mode of “cooperative + leaders in getting rich + farmers” to plant mustard in batches.”Since March, mustard has entered the picking season, and we have attracted farmers, poverty alleviation households and monitoring households to work locally, so that they can enjoy the happiness of employment at home.”Huang yinsheng said with a smile.It is reported that since planting in September 2021, the Taihu Village mustard base has produced 5.12 million jin. After being chopped, pickled and dried, it can produce 640,000 jin of dried plumes, generating a value of 4.48 million yuan, driving more than 5,000 people to work and helping villagers to increase their income by 2.55 million yuan.Developing industries is the fundamental way to achieve rural vitalization.In recent years, Playground township based on the ecological resource endowment, planting green development advantages, adhere to the combination of going out and introducing, focus on green development, Taihu Village is a miniature of playground township green development article.In 2022, Playground township will firmly grasp the “bull nose” of industrial development, vigorously develop leek flower, mushroom, mustard planting, bass farming, beef cattle farming and other industries, to drive villagers to increase income and get rich, paving the “happiness road” of rural revitalization.Signed by: Zheng Shaozhong