Shopping day is here!Xie Zhong Toyota Thunder ling double engine straight down 12,000

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Assist Toyota New Year car season grand opening, car purchase will send a New Year gift package!Great benefit coming!The whole city guarantee price, buy your difference!◆◆ ★★★ for you, car price down payment only 18,800, 18,800, 18,800, super cost-effective, safe travel preferred models, no one!Leiling double engine enjoy the “unlimited life, unlimited mileage” battery insurance plan!① Cash discount directly reduced by 12000 yuan;② 0 down payment for all models;③ Loan 40 into 2 years interest-free, 58 yuan per day ④ replacement to enjoy 2000 yuan gift package;⑤ Car can participate in the lottery, a variety of appliances you can draw, the winning rate of 100%;Old customers recommended to buy the car is sent basic maintenance once;⑦ Car upgrade my shop six VIP privileges.(1) The international original import, only in GAC Toyota, the new Leiling sport version of cool on the market, multiple upgrades, comprehensive evolution: more cool appearance design, more intelligent car network, more advanced leather interior suit, more comfortable and convenient rear air outlet;② from the autumn mingshan God car Toyota AE86;(3) The Toyota Zhihang safety kit achieves L2 level quasi-autonomous driving;④ Based on TNGA platform, to achieve a different cool, driving fun, safety and intelligence (emergency rescue, theft tracking, remote diagnosis and other functions)!Enjoy one-to-one exclusive services: detailed configuration of models, differences between models of the same class, the latest car purchase policy, car pick-up situation;At the same time, you can get a beautiful gift at the store!Or click or button, a professional consultant will call you back!Address: Dongqi Road car park.Promotion time from February 03, 2022 to February 03, 2022 Leiling latest quoted models manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Nanjing quoted twin 1.8H E-CVT Enterprising version 133,800 yuan 12,200 yuan 121,800 yuan twin 1.8hE-cvt Advanced edition 136,800 yuan 1.8h e-CVT Deluxe edition 142,800 yuan 138,800 yuan 1.8h E-CVT Sport edition 148,800 yuan 136,800 yuan 1.8h dual-engine 1.8h E-CVT Advanced edition 136,800 yuan 1.8h dual-engine 1.8hE – 13.88 Wan Yuanshuang CVT technology 150800 yuan 12000 yuan with version 1.8 H E – CVT honour enjoy 152800 yuan to 12000 yuan, 140800 yuan TNGA enterprising version 1.5 L, 113800 yuan to 12000 yuan, 101800 yuan TNGA 1.5 LTNGA 1.5L Sports Edition 131,800 RMB 11,200 RMB 119,800 RMB 185TCVT Science and Technology Edition 139,800 yuan 12,200 yuan 127,800 yuan 185T CVT Sport edition 135,800 yuan 12,200 yuan 123,800 yuan 185T CVT luxury edition 129,800 yuan 12,200 yuan 117,800 yuan