Three hours across 200 kilometers, two police in Jiangsu province emergency transfer of life-saving drugs

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Special correspondent melgar correspondent Mr Leung sai) Smile on the evening of March 10, liu, xuzhou railway public security office jointly with the public security bureau of lianyungang city, the first emergency structures, a “life” path, the arrangement of police will take the high-speed rail relay emergency drug safety, quick to lianyungang city first people’s hospital of irrigation on campus, engaged the scene emergency transshipment first-aid medicine’s song of love.At about 21:00 on March 10th, the telephone of xuzhou Railway Public Security information Command center suddenly rang. Commander Zhao Guangzhou picked up the phone and was just about to speak when the other party urgently said, “We want to transfer a box of first-aid medicine to Lianyungang First People’s Hospital by train. Please help us!”Call mr.chen is xuzhou staff at a pharmaceutical company, said he had just received the first people’s hospital of lianyungang city irrigation on campus for help, the hospital has a child because of illness need they produce a kind of emergency medicine, and demands that night must reach, or the name is save the children will have life risk.However, due to a local outbreak of the epidemic in Lianyungang, the road traffic has been temporarily closed and stopped, and the drug delivery vehicles cannot arrive in Lianyungang on time. In desperation, Mr. Chen called the railway police for help.Lives are at stake. This is an emergency.Zhao Guangzhou quickly check xuzhou to Lianyungang train number, find the most suitable G7793 train, let Mr. Chen as soon as possible to send drugs to xuzhou East station police station.Zhang Xuefeng, director of the information command center who was informed of the situation, quickly issued instructions, requiring the Xuzhou East Station police station, xuzhou Police Detachment responsible for the G7793 train on duty, lianyungang station police station to do the docking immediately, to ensure that the timely delivery of drugs to Lianyungang station,The police station of Lianyungang Station contacted the local public security organs to transfer the drugs to the Tongguan Hospital of The First People’s Hospital of Lianyungang.After receiving the instruction, the police station of Xuzhou East Railway Station immediately contacted the passenger transport and security personnel of the station, and opened the green channel while agreeing to meet Mr. Chen from the pharmaceutical company near the west entrance of Xuzhou East Railway Station.Time is life!At 21:49 on the same day, After receiving Mr. Chen, Zhao Yang and Zhang Kaixuan of xuzhou East Station police station escorted the drugs to the platform through the green channel.At 21:54, train no. G7793 arrived at xuzhou east railway station.Police and Mr. Chen together to the drugs to G7793 train police Huang Jiu.The train runs from Xuzhou East Station to Lianyungang Station in 1 hour and 09 minutes, with three stops in between.In order to ensure the safety of drugs, police Huang Jiu in the carriage inspection at the same time, has been careful custody of drugs.Meanwhile, lianyungang station police station quickly arranged with the police G7793 train police Huang Jiu contact, just ahead of the handover work well, such as car and the first people’s hospital of irrigation on campus is located in lianyungang lianyungang city public security bureau police station contact in the pudong new area, haizhou bureau illustrate the specific circumstances, request the relay transport drugs.At 23:25 on March 10, THE G7793 train arrived at Lianyungang station on time, the police on duty Ding Yang, Wang Yan has arrived in advance of the agreed no. 8 car parking position.After receiving the medicine, the two policemen immediately escorted the medicine to the exit and handed it to Liu Guoting, a policeman from Pudong Police Station, who was waiting here. The first aid medicine was delivered to the Tongguan Hospital of Lianyungang First People’s Hospital at 23:38 on the same day.In order to save the lives of others, each of the police involved in the effort to run all the way.They spent 3 hours in this, across 200 kilometers of “love” relay rescue action, with the action of the interpretation of a scene across time and space, “together to fight the epidemic, human love” of the police people.Editor Pan Pei proofread Tao Enjin review Ming Lei