Demonstration areas to carry out Lantern Festival safety work inspection

2022-05-28 0 By

On the evening of February 15, yan Genfeng and Xue Weizhou, leaders of the demonstration area, led the district security commission Office, China Merchants Bureau, social affairs management center, market supervision sub-bureau, public security sub-bureau and fire rescue brigade to carry out special inspection of work safety in the area of Lotus Garden Hotel, Dongrun life Square, Xinshang Net cafe and other places.At the scene of the hotels, supermarkets and Internet cafes, inspection group, respectively, to listen to the enterprise and the head of the recent report of the work of production safety, on-site inspection of production safety responsibility implementation, safety education training, emergency rescue and management practice, hidden governance, emergency on-duty, fire safety, fireworks ban ban work, puts forward guidance for production safety requirements,All units are required to adhere to the bottom line thinking and red line awareness, have a clear understanding of the current grim situation of production safety, earnestly implement the town (office) territorial responsibility, department supervision responsibility, strictly perform the statutory obligations of production safety and enterprise main responsibility, and spare no effort to maintain the safety order of the festival.All units are required to pay close attention to key periods, key regions and key areas, deepen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, resolutely implement safety measures, and resolutely prevent all kinds of accidents.Enterprises are required to improve work safety management measures for all employees and the whole process, step up self-examination and rectification of potential safety hazards, and do a solid job in safety input, training and education, basic management and emergency rescue, so as to ensure the sustainable and stable work safety situation.