Foreign commentary supported Su Yiming, severely punished the Canadian referee, The Chinese talent was robbed of the championship

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Foreign explanation backed Su Yi, punish referees, Canada China genius robbed champions Beijing time on February 7th, Chinese player Su Yi in snowboarding slope skills competition, to create a historic won the silver medal, but in fact, watched the game friends will think, Su Yi song should have a chance to win the gold medal, first in terms of difficultyJumped in 1440 and 1620 in the whole situation, only the Chinese player Su Yi completed 1800, five of the only a body of difficult moves, and finish very perfectly, without any mistakes, but only on the score in the second place, the score, let all people all feel very surprised,Is not only our domestic commentators, including some netizens, even foreign lecturers for Su Yi by subsection behavior this time, feel incredible, think the referee stole his champions Australia commentator words are given at that time, in Su Yi after completing a series of perfect difficult movements, when he said that this action is completed,Certainly points higher than the first parrot, if Su Yi high without him, we’ll go, good let’s guess whether he how many points, what do you think is 94 points or 95 points, and after Su Yi wong points out, the Australian commentator at that time, feel very surprised, said the 88 points as a result, I have some feel very unreasonable,Because Su Yi sound choice of 1800 is the highest difficulty movement, and there is no any mistake, even a small error, not deduct so many points, the Canadian referee gave only seven more make a person feel the spirit is, the Canadian referees after Su Yi sound make the action for the first time, unexpectedly sent five points, only for their own players,Two jumped to the 9 points, you know, Su Yi singing two jump complete degrees are very well, and move to do choice, is higher than the Canadian athletes difficulty, so it obvious subsection and partial behavior, it is because the referee of subsection behavior in Canada, and we lost a gold medal, we obviously the hosts might think that the referee will take care of us,But in fact, the Canadian judge, not only take care of the Chinese team players, which in turn to take care of their countrymen, Canadian contestant obviously he did to take care of them in love is no problem, but in principle, he as a referee, not defend their own bottom line, I personally think senior related department,Should go to survey the Canadian judge, because of his behavior too blatant favoritism, all people see in the eye, if found out, he in the score really problems, so should give severe punishment, even it is necessary to stop treatment, such an important game in winter Olympic Games, to all the contestants, a fair competition environment,He so partial judgment own country player’s behavior, really has some too lost professional ethics bottom line.