January team champions | Roman shop: guardian customers happy, make long-term

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“All roads lead to Rome”, datang houses also have “Rome”!Rome store, the team score champion of Datang Housing in January, opened in October 2021. The team size has grown from 9 people at the beginning to more than 70 brokers and more than 100 Bile brokers.Rome team long Yang jie, 23 years old, was in datang population relish “most young supervisors”, under the guidance of him, big disciple wang Juan, two disciples Liu Kaifeng, three disciple Qiu Xiaojuan, four disciples Wang Daoli and five disciples Wu Haodong and people are joining in entrepreneurial team, to build their own team, struggle for the cause of the estate agents.Now, under the new opportunities and new challenges in the market, the young Rome store is full of new vitality…The customer’s happiness is our happiness endowed with the ability to gather force, the good team atmosphere of Rome store comes from the “home” culture and “husband and wife” culture of Datang house.Rome store will datang housing “only sell conscience products” into the core business philosophy of the team service purpose, constantly enhance the service level of brokers, enhance the overall well-being of customers.For brokers in Rome, customers’ recognition of products and satisfaction with services are their biggest happiness as brokers.”One family, one heart, fight together, win” is the battle cry in the heart of Rome store.Ferry person, person constant crossing of Rome store can become industry leader, cannot leave Rome store A group of store manager Yang Jie’s hard work, but in datang house, ferry person, person constant crossing of!At the end of 2021, Yang Jie led the Rome store upstream, dare to fight dare to break, is bound to break through performance indicators.Under the unremitting efforts of all the Rome store, the Rome store successfully broke through the performance target and was honored.Yang Jie knew that everyone in that period of time although the mouth did not say, but in fact are very hard, so with the team to travel to Shanghai.Through this trip to Shanghai, we not only adjusted our mood, but also broadened our horizon, gained a new understanding of the development of China’s real estate market, and became more confident about the Chengdu market.Unbeknownst to Yang jie, on the way back, his team mates had prepared a surprise for him — a dinner party, a bunch of flowers, a group of friends.Back in Chengdu, we sat around a table, Yang Jie looked at the table are all their favorite dishes, a moment of warmth welled up in my heart.With such a group of entrepreneurial partners, no matter how hard it is, it is worth it!In Datang House, it is not difficult for one person to become a platform benchmark, because here, enough efforts will have corresponding harvest, but it is quite difficult for a team to stand out from thousands of teams.The reason why Rome store can rank first in the total team score is inseparable from the efforts of every team member.Heart together, force toward a make, is the best team!In order to enable everyone on the team to make a difference, the team made many rules.On the one hand, team atmosphere is the lifeblood of a team.Rome store every day strict implementation of attendance system, only strict requirements, will not appear lazy, lazy atmosphere;On the other hand, depth enables individuals to leave no one behind!Every Friday, fixed learning will be held for new partners and those who are not in good condition in the recent team, and every Thursday, the store manager will give lectures……Sun Hui (Rome store GROUP A) Sun Hui, joined Rome store in October 2021. Before joining, he served as sales director of several companies. “Rome team is A Wolf culture team, always undefeated and always forward.Yang Jie is a very outstanding and young team leader, modest and ambitious.Under his leadership, the Rome store became a dynamic team, young and energetic, but also full of a sense of purpose.After joining Datang, I learned the corporate culture of Datang the most. Every big and small meeting can make me gain a lot of inspiration, but also bring me a great positive energy and sense of direction, which is exactly what I lacked before starting a company.”Keep the century-old store, do long-term to create the world’s most outstanding youth entrepreneurship platform, adhere to sell conscience products, adhere to buy your compensation!Now, Datang housing is toward creating a “century-old store” business goals forward.The platform has faith, the team has strength, entrepreneurship has hope!For datang people, the direction of the platform is also their own direction.Roman inn A group store manager Yang Jie says, the life of the winner is never achieved in one move, adhere to only “long-term doctrine”, will house property broker this job as A long-term career to do, ceaselessly deep cultivation, ceaseless progress, ability as something!To build a century-old store is also the same, only from the heart to recognize this matter, in order to enhance the professional level, improve the quality of service.When people from the heart of recognition of our products and services, to create a real “century-old store”!