“Music move city South winter” frames picturesque!Enjoy the city south shock winter scenery

2022-05-28 0 By

Qingdao news on February 3 – (reporter Song Bohong) recently, by the south of the city culture and tourism bureau joint “Renjia see” to create the “music move city south winter” cultural tourism publicity film officially released.In the film, you can see the signal Hill, 54 square, network red wall and so on many southern winter scenery, picturesque.After the video was released, netizens read and forwarded it, and gave nearly ten thousand likes.A screenshot from the video.In the video, boys dressed in white on the trestle play bamboo flutes in the wind and snow.Although the painting is beautiful and beautiful, the ears and nose of the boy in white are red with cold.Li Zhuo, a boy in white who plays bamboo flute, told the reporter, “I couldn’t move my hands because I was trying to take pictures of the flute playing on the trestle bridge in the snow.”It was through the successful introduction of Pagoda Rock Records that Lee finally appeared in this video.Due to the low temperature of the shooting day, his hands were frozen in place and he had to stop and rub his hands before continuing to shoot. As a result, his hands were red with cold in the video.”The creative team of the video thought it was necessary to show different aspects of Qingdao from multiple angles, so they chose two scenic spots that represent Chinese elements, the Tianhou Palace and the Trestle Bridge, and chose a representative Chinese musical instrument, so they found me,” li said.”It is a great honor to be part of such a promotional film,” said Lee, who filmed the bamboo flute at the Trestle and The Tien Hou Palace.On the one hand, it can promote the south winter tourism in Qingdao, and on the other hand, it can also promote the traditional Chinese Musical Instruments and let more people appreciate its charm.”