As the saying goes, “the family has green dragon tree, descendants are not difficult to rich”, green dragon tree is what?What is the scientific basis

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The common saying has been passed on sparsely for thousands of years. There is no special book to sort out and record it, but it has been passed on by people’s mouth and ear.Even the official history can be passed away, but the idiom is still strong, have to admire the power of the people is endless.Change leads to success, and faith leads to spirit. What has been handed down from our ancestors naturally has its rationality.If the groundless things, must have long been abandoned by The Times and people, how can last for thousands of years also can have vigorous vitality?Therefore, when we young people look at these sayings handed down from our ancestors, we should treat them dialectically and savor the philosophy contained in them.Geomantic study in, have a jargon: “the home has green dragon tree, descendant is not difficult rich”, what is the green dragon tree that among them points to?What is the scientific basis?To understand what “green dragon tree” is, we must first understand what is “green dragon”.In geomantic study, having 4 elephant say, it is basaltic, rosefinch, green dragon, white tiger respectively.In ancient times, there was no electricity at night, so a few people often liked to watch the stars at night, so as to calculate the general situation of the world.The four elephants refer to the stars in the sky. Outside the “three yuan”, they are named after the north star in the shape of a triangle, among which qinglong east, White tiger west, Rosefinch south and Xuanwu north.Therefore, the Green dragon represents the East, and we have been living in the East for generations, so we also have different feelings for the green dragon.The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The east gives people a youthful feeling, while the west gives people a lonely feeling because of sunset and other reasons.Since ancient people had a strong sense of the East, what did they do to express their love for the east?Many people may not be able to answer it at once.Perhaps, we can find the clues from People’s Daily clothing, food, shelter and transportation.The ancient people loved to sit in the north and face south when building bungalows, because such a layout would allow sunlight to flow in throughout the day.Especially in winter, when ancient heating measures were not perfect, sunshine was synonymous with warmth.Can warm oneself already, can disinfect again, the old person basks in a bask to still can let the mood beautiful beauty.How much does this have to do with the green Dragon tree?If you are smart enough to have guessed, people are so fond of the East, the green dragon refers to the East, and the green dragon trees allude to trees planted in the east.Qinglongshu and descendants rich a few cents of the relationship?As the saying goes, “the family has green dragon tree, descendants are not difficult to rich”, so this green dragon tree can have such a big role?Green dragon tree and descendants rich what inevitable connection?First of all, not every tree can qualify as a green dragon tree, and it’s not just a random leafy tree on the east side of the house that will solve the problem.The trees that can qualify as green dragon trees are mainly fruit trees or nut trees.For example, we see many people planting persimmon trees, jujube trees, walnut trees, crabapple trees in front of their doors…There are two main reasons for planting these trees.The first point: place the good meaning;In front of a house facing south, a lush “green dragon tree” planted on the left is of great symbolic significance.In ancient times, men were the pillar of the family, and the lush trees symbolized the strong and powerful male owner of the family, and the family was also thriving.And the reason why the choice of trees can bear fruit, with the implication of many children and many blessings.The color of the fruit is red or golden yellow, but also a symbol of wealth, which is not difficult to have children rich.Second, it can be used in case of emergency;The most immediate effect of these trees is that they are edible.In ancient times, natural and man-made disasters occurred frequently. Once a disaster occurred, the grain in the field decreased, or other natural disasters occurred, resulting in no grain harvest.In this case, the fruit trees outside the door provide the most emergency food for the family, and even if the disaster needs to be rebuilt, the children can pick the fruit as seed and replant it for harvest.In this case, they will no doubt be ahead of the majority of victims, so as to quickly become rich out of poverty, the so-called children and grandchildren are not rich.I have to admit that there is some scientific basis for this. First of all, in the ancient agricultural society, the level of productivity was low, the production efficiency was low, and the output value was quite low.Depending on the weather to eat, eat by strength phenomenon is extremely obvious.The ability of ordinary people to resist natural disasters is too weak, and the small-scale peasant economy is extremely easy to be destroyed by natural disasters.In emergency situations, which can lead to corpses lying all over the place, a family with a “green dragon tree” can be ahead of its peers in the fight against natural disasters or in post-disaster reconstruction.But for now, I think that’s all that’s left.Incomes are now more diverse, people are far more resilient to foreign risks, and state subsidies are stronger than ever.Even in the event of a natural disaster, it is not enough to supply food with fruit trees in front of the gate.Having said that, in some places in the countryside, there are still people who plant green dragon trees outside their doors.Although the fruit does not play a great role, but can also play the role of summer cooling, air regulation, in a word, green dragon tree development to today, has become dispensable, if the dialectical role of green dragon tree, can only say that there is stronger than no.Good life, but also rely on shrewd mind and industrious hands to create, as for the other way, can only be regarded as a good moral.For more exciting content, follow Li’s hour hand