The rain in Fujian is ready for the coming holiday

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The rain breaks before the festival on the penlast day of the Year of the Ox (30th), most counties and cities in the province take a break from the rain. Although the clouds over most of the province are still thicker, there are still many places where the sun shines. For example, Fuzhou (see the picture below), but the temperature is…As of 16 o ‘clock, only 13 counties and cities in the south of the province have the highest temperature of more than 16℃, and the rest of the counties and cities are below 16℃. The highest temperature of Jianning is only 5.4℃. It is not easy to see frost in many places.Lu Cheng Feng) filar silk cool and refreshing partners you should feel it quickly wrapped up your small cotton-padded jacket!New Year’s Eve is tomorrow. Did you think the rain would stop?Some counties and cities in the west of the province have sleet and snow. Some counties and cities in the west of the province have ice. From the first day to the second day of the Lunar New Year, the province has light rain.The rain also wants to rest!The second half of the holiday is the fourth, fifth, sixth day weather is expected to turn better!But affected by the cold air New Year’s Eve morning low temperature Nanping and Sanming most of the two cities of Ningde city in the west north Longyan city west quanzhou city in the northwest urban areas of the lowest temperature up to -2 ~ 4℃ (high altitude mountainous areas below -3℃) frost or frost, local icing affected by the afternoon temperature is not too highDuring the Spring Festival, rainy weather is common. The public should pay close attention to the latest weather information and make reasonable travel plans during the Spring Festival holiday.Pay attention to the adverse impact of rain, snow, icy roads and low visibility on transportation and holiday travel.At the same time, timely increase clothing, do a good job of cold and warm, beware of cold invasion.Weather for the next three days From this evening to night, the province will be overcast.31, the province overcast to cloudy to light rain, high altitude mountain areas with sleet;On January 1, there was light rain in the province, with moderate rain in some parts of the central and southern regions.On The 2nd, there was light rain, partly moderate rain.