This group of maritime workers stick to their posts during the Spring Festival to protect the clear water of a river

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Spring Walk base anchorage refers to the area where ships berth on water, known as “parking lot” on water.The dangerous chemical anchorage located in Qixia District of Nanjing is the largest dangerous chemical anchorage on the Yangtze River. Ships transporting diesel, gasoline, jet coal and other dangerous chemical supplies to and from the middle and lower reaches of The Yangtze River usually stop here for rest, and there are about 80 ships in daily life.During the Spring Festival, law enforcement officers of Qixia Marine Department of Nanjing Maritime Safety Administration stick to their posts to protect the navigation safety of the Yangtze River.”Haixun 02219 reminds you, after crossing the fourth bridge as soon as possible back to their own route…..”Driving on the Yangtze River, maritime law enforcement officers continue to remind ships along the line.Tang Xiaofan, a first-level administrative law enforcement officer in qixia Marine Department, said that due to transport conditions, more and more hazardous chemicals are being transported by water, and the anchorage used for temporary berthing and crew shift change is very busy.Their Marine department more than 20 law enforcement officers, 24 hours a day to maintain the order of the ship’s anchorage and the safety and normal life of hundreds of sailors on board.”Although the length of our jurisdiction is the shortest in the whole Yangtze River, the river is the widest, and there are many elements of safety supervision in our jurisdiction, so we cannot take everything involving hazardous chemicals lightly or slacked off.”Tang xiaofan said.Driving about 10 minutes, the law enforcement boat arrived loaded with naphtha “Ning Ruiyang 8″ ship, naphtha is a kind of industrial crude oil, easy to burn, careless inhalation may have life-threatening, to ensure the safety of the ship and crew, law enforcement personnel must eliminate all hidden dangers in the bud.In order to avoid being scratched by the rust on the ship, Tang xiaofan and his colleagues put on gloves and climbed onto the ship, which was more than half a meter high from the law enforcement boat, and began to check the liquid level alarm system, cargo control system, manning, fire fighting and lifesaving system.They are required to inspect no fewer than eight boats a day, each taking an hour or two depending on their condition.Two floors up is the captain’s cabin, three floors down is the engine room, and down the steep stairs, Tang xiaofan and his colleagues carefully inspected and inquired about the operation of each ship.After a procedure, his white gloves were covered with oil and dust.Nanjing qixia the Marine department, deputy director of the maritime bureau Ren Wenjun tells a reporter, qixia district in nanjing for anchorage is the largest for anchorage in the Yangtze river, the main service for ship each for wharf in the upstream, middle and lower reaches, nanjing for a large chemical enterprise and upstream and downstream enterprises to provide for raw materials, as well as a variety of necessary supplies.The dangerous chemical anchorage itself has a large number of ships, complicated security situation, navigation environment is very complex.”In order to better strengthen the safety management of dangerous goods vessels, we deepen the construction and use of the fourth fast response disposal center, through VTS radar video, CCTV cameras to implement a 24-hour focus on the anchorage of a key water area monitoring, we have law enforcement personnel will be on duty during the Spring Festival, to minimize the risk.”Ren Wenjun told reporters.After the routine work inspection, how the crew live, how to celebrate the New Year, what to eat, law enforcement officers are also concerned about the content.”There’s mutton, pork belly, side dishes, and there’s plenty in the fridge.I have been working hard for a year. I want to improve my food.””Ning Ruiyang no. 8” kitchen door placed more than 10 plastic bags, captain Wang Wenming showed reporters their “New Year goods.”During the New Year, more than 10 crew have to stick to the ship, so Wang Civilization early sitting maritime transport boat to the long Robe street for a big purchase, arrange chef to the crew “extra meals”.In order to add some festive atmosphere to the crew, Tang xiaofan and his colleagues sent specially prepared Spring Festival couplets and the character fu.According to the schedule, a few days later, Tang Xiaofan will continue to cruise in this area of water, protect the clear water of the river.Reporter Shi Yi was here this morning at 4:51!Eat big meals, wear new clothes…Subway police dog Spring Festival is like this!Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: