Yancheng will be on CCTV for four consecutive days!

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Jiangsu province, east of the Yellow Sea, across the Yangtze River and huaihe River, coastline 954 kilometers.For thousands of years, heavy sediment from rivers such as the Yellow and Huaihe rivers flattened jiangsu’s coastline and spread it out hundreds of kilometers, adding tens of thousands of square kilometers of land.From April 6 to 15, The Chinese Global Program Center of the China Media Group (CGC) will present a series of programs titled “Walking along the Coastline” in Jiangsu Province.The camera team visited three coastal cities in Jiangsu province successively, lianyungang, Yancheng and Nantong. Through in-depth walking, discovery and exploration, they recorded colorful seascapes, experienced coastal life and felt the rapid development.(The series will be broadcast on CCTCCTV 4 from Monday to Friday at 17:15) Four episodes of Yancheng will be aired on April 8, “Yancheng: Ecological Homeland on the West Bank of the Yellow Sea”, April 11, “Crane Homeland Vitality Yancheng”, April 12, “Land of Milu Deer on the Shore of the Yellow Sea”, April 13, “Coastal Words of the Yellow Sea”.