A school in Zhangzhou will add a high school

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Zhangzhou a school change school level!High schools will be added……The latest!Zhangzhou Education Bureau has approved the approval of Yunxiao Jungshan School to change the educational level. Your school’s application materials on changing the educational level have been received.According to the law of the People’s Republic of China education law of the People’s Republic of China private education promotion law, “” private education promotion law implementing regulations of the People’s Republic of China” and “the fujian province ordinary high school setting standards and measures for the administration of the interim provisions on rules, laws and regulations and related documents such as the expert review committee will review, adopted research decision, agreed to change your school education level,Add a high school.The specific matters are approved as follows: i. Educational level: full-time secondary education (junior high school and senior high school).Type of school: full middle school.Iii. School Nature: Non-profit private school.Iv. School scale: The school has a maximum enrollment of 2,400 students, including 900 students in senior high schools.The school’s name, address, principal, sponsor and other items remain unchanged. According to the principle of territorial management, the school is still under the jurisdiction of Yunxiao County Education Bureau, facing the enrollment of yunxiao County.It is hoped that your school will earnestly implement the national, provincial and municipal laws and regulations on private education, strictly comply with the requirements of “Interim Provisions on Setting Standards and Management Measures for Ordinary High Schools in Fujian Province”, and fully provide relevant teaching instruments and other facilities and personnel;Junior high school and senior high school teaching areas should be relatively independent, establish and perfect internal management institutions and systems, and make contributions to the development of education in our city.Hereby approve and reply.Zhangzhou City Education Bureau January 29, 2022 source: Zhangzhou City Education Bureau Zhangshi News editor shen Xiaoqin group leader Chen Jing On duty Director Luo Rongfang Editor-in-chief Lai Xiongwei attention zhangzhou News