For the first time, the railway haulage volume of a single class exceeded 200,000 tons

2022-05-30 0 By

On March 25, shandong Rizhao Port Railway Transportation Company organized the 13th locomotive to be put into operation, which broke the 200,000 ton mark for the first time in a single shift and set a new record for single shift freight volume.According to the actual production volume, Rizhao Port Railway Transportation Company reasonably arranges the use of locomotives, organizes management personnel, team leaders and party members to set up “Locomotive Vanguard Team”, reduces the maintenance time of locomotives, and continuously realizes the operation of the 12th and 13th locomotives online, providing sufficient power guarantee for port production.At the same time, the company introduced equipment maintenance integration reform plan, plan as a whole equipment maintenance resources, integrate the throat section equipment maintenance plan, and fully implementing industrial electric joint “skylight”, further strengthening process control equipment maintenance, improve equipment efficiency and quality of maintenance, cogent accomplish production equipment maintenance and transport “balance”.(Rizhao Newspaper full media reporter Meng Fanhu correspondent Chen Linliang Tingting)