Hunan talk very happy | Lantern Festival, to guess a lantern riddle

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Xiang talk very happy: Lantern Festival, to guess a lantern riddle!Zhang Ying asked everyone to guess a lantern riddle: an (an idiom).The answer will be revealed at the end of the video.”Qian wan light bright, unlock doors in the middle of January move to Beijing”, in the first month of the lunar January, the fifteenth day of the full moon is the first month of the year, the ancients said that night as “night”, so the fifteenth day of the first is called the Lantern Festival, this is also one yuan after beginning, the earth rejuvenation of night, ceremony feeling quite strong Chinese will in this night eat yuanxiao, watching lanterns, guess riddles,It has been a custom to extend the celebrations from New Year’s Eve to another climax.The Lantern Festival emphasizes the character “trouble”.In the Baby Play of Yuanxiao painted by Zhao Zhichen of the Qing Dynasty, a group of children playing gongs and drums to celebrate the Festival embodies the folk customs of “making Yuanxiao”.A “noisy” word, reflects the lively lively fireworks breath, is a vibrant social picture.For example, during the Tang Dynasty (614-907), the Lantern Festival was held for three days. That is to say, the local officials in charge of the capital garrison would lift the curfew for three days and people would go in and out all night.And the poet Lu Zhaolin also described the scene at that time as “meeting the han suspects the stars to fall, according to the building like the moon hanging”.Social stability, economic prosperity, there will be “fire tree silver flowers never night” jubilant scenery and “on the moon willow head, people about after dusk” poetic romance.The jubilation of this festival and the poetry of life are the “vitality” of a country and a society.Only with vitality can there be vitality, vigor and elan.A year’s plan depends on spring, this is angry;Young people read poems and books, meaning and Qu Jia struggle, this is vitality;Heaven line, the gentleman to unremitting self-improvement, this is the spirit.From the individual to the country, from The Times and history, through changes to open a new bureau, all need such momentum and aura.The world changes with The Times, and society continues to grow.Chinese people’s sense of ceremony is long and strong, from “New Year’s Eve fire” to “Lantern Festival lights”, lasted half a month of “year” is really finished today, with the festival said goodbye, in the following days, we will continue to work hard, make life more colorful.”Vivid and colorful” is also the answer to the riddle “An” at the beginning. Have you guessed it?[Editor: Zhang Ying][Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]