Ling Bo micro comments! 3 consecutive counterattacks!Do not give up, fight to the end, a miracle, this is the secret of Chinese women’s football victory

2022-05-30 0 By

Peninsula all media chief commentator Li Zhibo this can be called a sleepless night!At least in football, it really feels like New Year, even though we’ve just had it.After the quarter-finals and semi-finals, The Chinese women’s football team staged another amazing comeback in the final — they defeated South Korea 3-2 and finally won the championship.After 16 years, sonorous rose blooms again at the top of Asia.This Spring Festival holiday, I remember three “flowers” : one is the research team led by Professor Wang Shuo of Qingdao University of Science and Technology, found in amber has been “blooming” for 100 million years;One is the ice flower created by director Zhang Yimou in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.One is the triumph of The Chinese women’s football team, known as the “sonorous rose”, at the 2022 Asian Women’s Cup.If the ancient flowers in amber are the product of nature’s comprehensive effect, and the flowers of ice and snow on the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics are the crystallization of high-tech wisdom, then the flowers of victory on the Chinese women’s football team are completely fought with flesh and blood, completely watered by sweat and tears.Yes, this victory is hard won, this cup is precious!All the fans who watched the game know that in the first half, although The Chinese women’s football team held the ball for a long time, but in the face of the sharp counterattack of the Korean women’s football team, we were in trouble for a while. After conceding two goals in a row, we were cornered.Half – time, the fans are reluctant, but there is no blame.The reason is very simple, after defeat in the Tokyo Olympic Games, the rebuilding of the Chinese women’s team, already did a good job, especially the semi-final can cases, left behind in the twice equalised twice, the final buzzer led Japan into a penalty shootout, and to resist pressure, eliminate rivals, this is the way the fans and comfortable pleasure!In this case, if the fans still want “bicycles”, women’s football can give better, neither give nor ask for.It is worth mentioning that, after 120 minutes of fierce competition and penalty shoot-out in the semi-final, the women’s football team’s physical strength has been exhausted.In addition, Wang Shuang, Lou Jiahui and other main players have different degrees of injury, even so, they also timely “heal” before the game, standing on the field, in fact, we all know that they are fighting with injuries.Is the so-called escape from adversity, undefeated flowers.The more in despair blooming flowers, the more delicate and charming.Through the wind and rain to destroy the sonorous roses, so proudly in full bloom on the edge of the cliff.In the second half, the Chinese women’s football team fought back and comprehensively suppressed the Korean women’s football team.If Tang Jiali’s penalty kick let them see the blossoming hope, then Zhang Linyan’s goal is directly poured out the south Korean women’s soccer heart jumping last little victory flames.At the end of stoppage time, Xiao Yu-yi’s angry shot into the net completely defeated her opponent and knocked down the opponent’s last line of defense.At that time, there was a very interesting shot, that is, after the Chinese women’s football team scored the winning goal, the live camera immediately switched to the South Korean women’s football team’s bench, only to see the opposing team’s soldiers are silent, the coach is haggard, limp limp sitting there.Must have known in his heart: finished, cool cool.The next scene is sure enough, when the referee blew the final whistle, the Chinese women’s football team celebrated with passion, selfless cheering!In addition to winning the two group matches, the three knockout matches were full of hardships, that is, they all made unremitting efforts and fought hard under the condition of losing the first goal, and finally came back and qualified (to win the championship) with their heads held high.If one comeback is luck and two is coincidence, what makes three in a row?Surely it cannot be reduced to “luck”.The author believes that in addition to strong overall strength, Chinese women’s football team relies more on the spirit and will of never giving up and fight to the end.Objectively speaking, there are some differences between us and Japanese and Korean women’s football teams in some aspects such as technique and tactics, on-the-spot play, but why Chinese women’s football team won the last place? This is because the girls have the tenacity to defy defeat and the spirit and fighting spirit to fight for 60 seconds for every minute on the court.From their body, we once again saw the figure of the old women’s football.The precious spiritual wealth of Chinese women’s football team needs to be well preserved and passed on for a long time.