To fight against the epidemic, they once again retrograde in Hubei

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On April 3, the reporter learns from jiading WeiJianWei, following the jiading stadium square hospital, jiading second hospital of square, square hospital has opened in a clear island, mainly treated jiading local mild and asymptomatic infections, composed of jiading district central hospital, nanxiang hospital, anting hospital, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine such as medical staff responsible for.In the build process of hospital of square cabin of clear island, temporary party organization is developing those who take overall situation, coordinate each party “backbone” effect.Lu Qinghong is the deputy secretary of the temporary party branch of the makeshift hospital of Liudao. As a member of the first medical team to aid Hubei in 2020, she signed up at the first time when she learned that jiading would build a makeshift hospital. “I have experience in Wuhan, and this local epidemic is more duty-bound.””The temporary party branch also includes Liu Fen, a nurse from Nanxiang Hospital, who also worked with me to support Wuhan.This time, we once again fight side by side, one party member, one banner, in the special battlefield, shoulder special responsibility, take special responsibility, with practical actions to fulfill the original mission.”Lu qinghong said.Zhang Yanhua, commander in chief of jiading Makeshift hospital, told reporters that hundreds of patients have been admitted, and there is no lack of chronic disease patients.Considering the medical needs of these special groups, the makeshift hospitals prepared in advance and arranged 73 medical staff from different departments, including internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, orthopedics and Traditional Chinese medicine, to provide different medicines for chronic diseases.After entering the cabin, patients will be pre-checked and triaged according to their medical history, and beds will be allocated for treatment.”A few days ago, a 79-year-old patient with hypertension was admitted to our hospital. At one point, his blood pressure had risen to 200, which, if not effectively controlled, would put him at risk of cerebrovascular accident.The patient’s blood pressure was finally under control with the timely treatment of the medical staff.”Zhang yanhua said that if the patient’s condition cannot be controlled in the cabin, he will be transferred to the hospital for treatment according to the procedure.Although makeshift hospitals are under heavy workload and pressure, medical staff are often warmed by patients.Zhang Ming (pseudonym), a patient, watched as the medical staff handed out meals for hundreds of patients.When he recovered, he offered to join the volunteer team and share the work of the medical staff.”The epidemic is merciless and human beings have feelings. We are brothers and sisters fighting side by side with the patients. We are working together to overcome difficulties and keep each other warm.”Zhang yanhua said.Source: Jiading, Shanghai