We were only allowed to dig 6 square meters, but we actually dug over 200 square meters!A construction team in Xiamen was punished

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The green belt and street trees were damaged by excavation.(Photo provided by Xiamen Traffic Law Enforcement Detachment) The approved excavation area is 6 square meters, but the actual excavation area exceeds 200 square meters.Recently, the city traffic law enforcement detachment in the roundabout trunk road to investigate a construction beyond the scope of illegal behavior.In the morning of April 7, the city traffic law enforcement detachment received a report that the construction team in the ring road Wutong overpass into the island direction under the right side of the bridge digging green belt, hope law enforcement investigation and processing.Bridge and tunnel brigade law enforcement officers rushed to the scene found that the location of the green belt and street trees have been destroyed, and dug out a large earth pit.Construction party site chief introduction, the construction of the xiamen construction company is responsible for the plan to bury a section of sewage pipeline in the place, has been authorized by the highway department, and issued to the law enforcement personnel highway department license.But soon, careful law enforcement officers discovered that although the site had been approved for construction, the actual excavation site was several meters away from the approved excavation site.Moreover, the approval permit indicated that the excavation area was 6 square meters, and the actual excavation area was more than 200 square meters according to the on-site survey.”There is a huge difference between the actual excavation area and the approved area, and this behavior belongs to construction beyond the scope.”Law enforcement officials said.After making clear the illegal behavior, the law enforcement personnel carried out serious education and criticism on the illegal behavior, and issued relevant documents to the construction party in accordance with the law, requiring it to timely accept the corresponding punishment to the highway department and traffic law enforcement department.According to reports, the construction party is suspected of digging the road without authorization, will face a penalty of more than 6000 yuan and less than 15000 yuan from the law enforcement department.(Xiamen Daily Reporter Lin Qinsheng correspondent Zeng Jiaohe)