NetEase this wave opened year demon to change to earn?Player: It’s a first, after all. It’s being discussed everywhere you see

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Online game is an entertainment product that emphasizes experience. No matter how well the content is done, players will get bored. In order to improve the playability of the game, manufacturers must constantly expand the content of the game to meet the entertainment needs of players.Sometimes “magic” gameplay changes the nature of the game and makes it more experiential.For example, at the beginning of 2022, NetEase launched its flagship martial arts game “Against the Cold”, completely changing the content of the game.It was originally a relic of traditional MMORPG. In this era when the overall end game is declining, It once gained its own reputation for its excellent picture performance and rich gameplay.However, the system of traditional MMORPG is too mature after all. Despite the great efforts of “Cold In the River” to update and iterate, the new gameplay content is difficult to escape from the shackles of the traditional MMORPG numerical system.So, at the start of 2022, Upwind officially made a risky attempt to break away from the rules of traditional MMORPGs and incorporate more playable open-world gameplay into the game.In the latest expansion “Destroy heaven and Destroy Earth” launched on January 20, the original river lake system has been destroyed, the original old river lake has been unprecedented impact, players are forced to transfer to the name of the “sea” different world to launch a new journey.And the world is an open world, a completely disordered here can interactive objects can hurt, climate, landscape, even more dangerous, because the relationship between the meridians disorder, players no matter before is how strong, in the different world become kung fu was lost only to start over, to the most basic ability to conquer area of 2400 square kilometers of the world.Because everyone to return to the same starting line, and the “rules” of the world have become more straightforward – here, you may want to go with a few strangers to chase a rabbit or a head of sika deer, or with hundreds of thousands of players to challenge the field BOSS is guarding the regional level, strive for greater space for adventure, and, of course, to explore in the field,You also need to be careful every passing ordinary players, may be competing for a treasure chest or an ordinary material, he will be to you under the pain killer, even has players of bad taste, “killer”, the crazy attack yourself with each and every one, just for “explosive” off their equipment, or enjoy the killing.As the first domestic open world end tour, “against the cold” mountain and sea play is undoubtedly simple.But it is this simple and direct, but burst out more possibilities.While players are indulging in the world of mountains and seas, they are constantly brainstorming ideas to find more interesting and suitable gameplay content.In response to the possibility of losing equipment when being killed in the world of mountains and seas, some players have extended a number of schemes for “killer” players, hoping to balance the antagonism in the game through the setting of red name kill level or full body equipment explosion.Some players hope to allow players to build their own protection camps and expand the game into a multiplayer construction mode.The discussion about the world of mountains and seas has become the most popular topic among the players of “Upstream Cold”. Dozens of new suggestions and discussion posts are generated every day, many of which are “imaginative” and provide excellent creative ideas for the game development team.The world of mountains and seas is bound to become more interesting, and easier to indulge in, thanks to the collective efforts of players.So, for NetEase to open this wave of “magic change”, how do you see it?