Staring at the situation task, Zhengzhou detachment actively maintain the social fire safety situation stable

2022-05-31 0 By

Zhengzhou (CNS) — Zhengzhou launched a joint fire safety inspection campaign on February 4 to strengthen warnings and investigations to ensure a stable fire safety situation in communities.In the action, 37 inspection teams were set up by fire rescue institutions, 315 inspection teams were formed by towns and townships (streets) and public security police stations, 23 hospitals, 53 shopping malls and markets, 79 hotels and restaurants, 384 “nine small” places, 198 residential buildings and 156 other units, and 2637 hidden dangers were urged to rectify.729 illegally parked electric bicycles were cleaned up and more than 7,000 copies of fire protection publicity materials were sent.In this action, all levels give full play to the role of the platform of the Commission, adopt the mode of “one department one suggestion, one industry one letter”, and actively mobilize the competent departments of various industries to carry out targeted fire safety prevention work.Jinshui, Zhongyuan, Huiji, Xinzheng and other places of the fire safety committee to member units sent a reminder of the work, notified the recent fire situation, analysis of the fire risk, suggested the key work of fire safety.Zhongyuan, Zhongmou and other places of fire rescue institutions actively requested local government leaders to lead the team to carry out safety investigation, urging all levels of departments to continue to strengthen the current fire safety prevention work.27, Zhengdong, station, Street, Dengfeng and other places more than ten fire rescue brigade chief officers led the team, in-depth area personnel intensive places, key units, etc., check the festival safety prevention work, check the situation on duty and key parts of the safety situation, supervise and guide the festival work system, prevention measures implementation.The city administration, Xinmi and other brigades have intensified their guidance on fire safety service centers, promoted fire prevention and control at the grassroots level, earnestly provided safety reminders for residential communities and “nine small” places, and resolutely urged the rectification of hidden dangers in “three in one” places.