Beijing property market: Wutong Port joint property worth buying?

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Hello, everyone! I am Jing Ye, a rare consultant who can enter the whole process of Real estate transaction and big data analysis in Beijing!Pay close attention to the following content for the public, | fan q&a “jing ye said room”, to join “jing ye said room” to ask questions and get information, craigslist, full guidance.1. Question: Jing Ye, can you analyze the impact of the property tax pilot work on the later Beijing property market?Answer: Hello, the property tax will certainly come out, but for Beijing, how to carry out, when to carry out, in fact, is an unknown, may not be so fast.I seldom discuss big policies. After all, it’s not up to us.Property tax, should cause short-term fluctuations in housing prices, but will not affect the long-term trend of housing prices.If you are just need, do not consider too many uncertain things, first get on the car to meet the need to live again.I suggest: just don’t look ahead!Honestly buy a house to live, not high plate can.2, question: Beijing ye, two sets of Beijing first set of just need, up to 400W, is expected to give birth to children in the next year or two, mainly from the west tucheng near the small two house.The right price is some public housing.Look at the southwest of Anhui in 89 years 67 flat tian case, anzhen in the southeast 68 flat pistol type, an yuan north 79 flat, anhui north along the street no elevator 5 floor.Public housing really old building age, also did not have school district attribute, want to ask is worth buying?Do you want to exchange your value later?And some house model wants to wait, said wants Indian summer spring.Now lower the requirements or wait, a little anxious.Or there are other areas to recommend it, thank the answer: hello, the value of a community with the community quality, building age, management, section plate, education.In the old public houses in Anzhen and Huixin West Streets, the location and transportation are the biggest advantages, but the old houses and education are the biggest problems.Such a comprehensive view, there are advantages and disadvantages, but after all, the location of traffic is good, so the value of preservation can also be.For example, in the current wave, the biggest growth rate in Beijing was just over 30%. In fact, not many cities can reach this level. If it is more than 20%, it is considered excellent.If it’s around 15%, it’s ok.The performance of the old public housing in anzhen and Huixin West Street is about 10%, which is basically the type that can follow the rise, but also OK. After all, there are many that do not rise, such as poor areas old broken small, suburban areas, etc.Generally speaking, this type of liquidity is good, more suitable for short-term car use, the appreciation of its expectations are not too high.Now, if you don’t have the right house, you can lower the bar a little bit, but try not to buy something with a hard spot.Also can look at the huajiadi, Xiba river plate and so on.3, question: Hello, Jing Ye, was recommended by the intermediary college south Road 15 courtyard 1 building of the three-bedroom (more than 1000 points), if from the investment plus self-living consideration (send children to school), five years after the full five only after the sale, suitable for now?Thank you for the answer: hello, the community is also ok, the age of the building is also new, the value of the sex is also ok, the community is a little bit small.Pure investment point of view, will not be too prominent, mainly because the amount of housing is less, low attention, the price brush up some difficult.4, question: Hello, Jingye, dou Gezhuang Wutong Port joint property is worth buying?Answer: hello, wutong port can be considered in the communist room, at least in the future around more and more residential, interface is getting better and better, there is a certain school supporting.Of course, the communist house does have its own problems. For example, the biggest problem of the co-ownership house is the liquidity and financial property, which limit its future appreciation potential.Of course, if your capital is limited, there are living needs, and it is difficult to go on the normal commercial housing car for a long time, it is also possible to buy.But the appreciation of the poor this piece has to accept.See the planet data “Beijing the community run lose the market” 5, lift to ask: good jing ye, want to ask next HuaYue Beijing the plate just need how, as the first male ticket just in ali answer: hello, nature is good, after all, wangjing, the appreciation of guaranteed, and the future is near ali new headquarters, potential is also not small, you can buy!6, ask: Excuse me liuliqiao to Lize this area, want to buy a total price of 400-500 or so, the demand is a couple with a child’s house, there is a good community recommendation?Answer: Hello, I think if you have children, you can still get on the bus in Xicheng, at least you have a xicheng student status, the lower limit will be relatively high.400-500, if you need more than two, it is estimated that it is difficult to buy a good school district, but it does not matter, better than fengtai.Can consider for instance red lotus south in, north in the old public house and so on, front and door model return OK, maintain value sex also completely no problem.Can see the planet inside information, the Beijing each village historical earnings statistics and analysis of the above content to the public, | fan q&a “jing ye said room”, to join “jing ye said room” to ask questions and obtain important information is as follows: purchase logic: “jing ye Beijing to buy a house top ten thinking” big data:”Exclusive search list, daily Beijing discounted housing statistics” “exclusive real estate market big data real-time monitoring, these plates are rising” “Beijing district historical income statistics,Let you to become investment experts “second-hand housing buying tips article” the second-hand house skills of the secondary bargaining skill of “the second-hand house outperform” “bypass the mediation, clinch a deal to a full range of information and safety guide” (rule) techniques and strategies for bamboo shoots “mortgage + rule strategy” “lower down payment strategy” “authenticity bamboo dish how to distinguish between”, “how to solve the creditHave bad record (overdue)?New house buying skills “new house watching house buying strategy” “these new houses outperform the market” “full set of deposit back skills” second-hand selling skills “selling skills”