Big plan announced!Involving Jinan Mingfucheng, Qianfoshan, Honglou and other areas

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Jinan “14th Five-year” culture and tourism development plan “has been officially released, Jinan will be an excellent spring water culture tourism symbol area.Based on “the old and the new quancheng jinan” characteristic orientation and development goals, “the old and new life” in order to protect the historical style and features, save the lifestyle, keeping development path, as a whole the old and new, old and new demand, the texture of the old forms and the relationship between the new pattern, play the leading role of spring characteristic symbol area, build “quancheng” historical and cultural city core.During the “14th Five-year Plan” period, Jinan will focus on the improvement of mingfucheng district, the old commercial port district, Qianfoshan District, Honglou District, xiaoqinghe-Yellow River south bank district, and other five special areas.Mingfucheng Area: Reproducing the Spectacular scenery of Mingfucheng and building a Spring Water MuseumQin-ming wang fucheng district fucheng Ming as the core, integrating tourism, commerce, culture and other resources, to build “the quancheng jinan, jinan to celebrities, the old homes, springs, springs in ji nan, mountain arts sea, roaming the memory, tesco” eight big characteristic products such as brand, to spring for the soul, to the city for nuclear, integrate into modern fashion elements, represent the fucheng cheng jing Ming, construction springs museum,To build a cultural landmark of spring water, a demonstration area for the integrated development of national cultural industry and tourism industry, and a national night culture and tourism consumption agglomeration area, to build jinan into an urban leisure tourism destination with international characteristics and become a new growth pole for the integrated development of jinan culture and tourism.Based on inheriting the century-old history of the commercial port and carrying forward the excellent traditional culture, the old commercial port area strengthens the historical and cultural protection of the commercial port, deeply excavates the excellent traditional culture, innovates the commercial port product format, and creates the cultural IP image of the old commercial port.Under the lead of jinan Commercial Port Cultural Museum, Jinan Small Guanghan Museum, Jinan Hongjitang Museum and other projects, the government will pull back the time-honored brands and realize the revival of old business forms.With the introduction of new business forms integrating the old commercial port, the upgrading of Grand View Park and Zhongshan Park as the starting point, the optimization and upgrading of business forms will be promoted, the former style will be restored, and the old commercial port will be built into a “Jinan style” urban high-end consumption agglomeration area and a cultural and tourism integration highland with distinct theme characteristics.Qianfoshan Area: Building the first mountain view landmark in Jinan CityLi Feng area based on above a co-existence mountain spring lake city urban spatial pattern, based on a beautiful mountain natural ecology and deep DaShun culture, highlight the combination of protection and renovation, to “show hill, akira, city, appropriate swim” for the idea, as a whole the big area protection promoted above sea level, high level to finish above north square and the Buddha hui mountain area landscape.The area with “through the mountain scenic spot, yu shun charm” as the theme, building set sightseeing, blessing of pilgrimage, cultural experience, fitness, leisure, studies education, and other functions in one of the city of mountain culture ecological tourist area, the construction of jinan city’s first mountain best “balcony” city landmarks and springs, further reveal charm “mountains” of a city,Expand and strengthen the brand of Famous Chinese historical and cultural mountains and Qilu mountain cultural tourist resort.Honglou Area:Ascension HongLou square form HongLou jinan dynamic new city area surrounding commercial level depends on the area within the advantage of universities and colleges, scientific research units, giving full play to the advantages of culture of shandong university, one hundred, shows the city school integration of the ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign fusion and fusion HongLou area unique cultural atmosphere, promoting multicultural integration, combined with the existing urban area, ready to reserve build rich variety of urban space.This zone promotes the upgrading of business forms in the area, elevates the commercial level around Honglou Square, enrichis “eating, shopping, entertainment” and cultural business forms, introduces fashion consumption, art activities and night leisure and other projects, and forms a dynamic new district of Jinan with culture as the guide, science and technology as the support, and business and leisure tourism as the carrier.Xiaoqinghe-south Bank of the Yellow River: Promoting the Integration and development of The Yellow River culture and Xiaoqinghe-South Bank of the Yellow River Photo: Zhuge Vision Xiaoqinghe-South Bank of the Yellow River extends the central axis of the north-south culture, transmits quancheng culture – Xiaoqinghe-Yellow River culture, and creates a bridgehead for the coordinated development of the two sides and embracing the river.The film area planning to introduce characteristic brigade project, do a good job in the Yellow River culture and tourism integration development, focus on developing urban tourism, culture and art, creative design, such as text formats, accelerate the yet mouth town, butyl too Ruben brigade complex projects such as construction, optimize the area industry layout, construction trade logistics base, Yellow River creative base, new industrial base,We will build a highland for cultural and creative industries and a model area for integrated development of cultural tourism in the Yellow River basin, and promote the integrated development of the Yellow River culture and xiaoqing River culture.Source: Jinan Times