Che Bailing’s plate nozzle home online, 6 products to help car suppliers improve efficiency and reduce costs

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Recently, all of its products “Che Bailing ban nozzle home officially online”.Che Bailing BAN Nozzle is a SaaS product that enables car merchants to ban spray business, helps car merchants to improve the retention and repair rate, increase the number of clues, boost the new output value and improve the owner experience.Che Bailing’s BAN nozzle provides six product functions, and che Bailing’s insurance steward gets through, one-stop solution to the “difficult transformation of stock” + “difficult incremental growth” + “difficult to get through the whole after-sales domain” problem.Bright spot 1: intelligent clue aggregation — support the second level clue synchronization of the head 10 baoji, clue tracking of the whole record car Bailing’s Piece nozzle intelligent clue aggregation function, can collect the accident car clues of the store many baoji, support the head 10 baoji, second level clue synchronization APP, and is equipped with a human voice announcement function.Bright spot 2: clue follow up full record — clue reception, call, field, to the store the whole process record car Bailing nozzle can grade the clue back to the store, help users to distinguish high-value clues, fast contact.At the same time, through the system to receive clues, call, field, shop/defeat of the whole process of digital management support.According to the product trial operation data released by Quanyou, the timely follow up rate of D clues in the 4S stores of a high-end American brand with the best use effect increased by 29 percentage points.Timely follow up of clues leads to a corresponding increase in the final retention rate. The final retention rate of E, the store with the best effect, increases by 9 percentage points.Highlight 3: Management report of each dimension — check clues and follow up of each dimension, optimize store service process and service quality, improve the competitiveness of stores with the brand.Through che Bailing plate nozzle, the manager can check the clue follow-up situation in multiple dimensions, and can accurately analyze the lost clue.The system can also generate corresponding data reports to understand the working conditions of business personnel, optimize the service process and service quality of stores, and improve the competitiveness of stores with the same brand.Highlight 4: Field process control — equipped with extension member map, allocation decision-making aid, statistics of extension of members, and find out the optimization point of the link.This function is equipped with the hot spot map of the whole city and precise navigation in the field to locate the coordinates of the accident with one key, which provides a very convenient tool for monitoring the whole process of the accident extension and a powerful support for the decision of the order acquisition in the extension.At the same time, the extension process management also provides the extension management report, statistics members of the extension situation, find out the link optimization point, increase the success rate of extension.Point 5: maintenance benefits actuarial – intelligent actuarial production cover ratio and loss ratio and so on, the expiration of preemption premium game initiative and independent coin spray management software, car lark coin nozzle home and lark housekeeper in data management, income of insurance actuarial, marketing solutions recommended and management decision-making, etc, to help carmakers reached an insurance business and coin spray business clues of two-way drainage.The system can also regularly generate reports such as “production-guarantee ratio” and “compensation due” to help car dealers seize the initiative of premium game.According to product trial data, the reinsurance rate of lost clues in the store is about 10%.According to the average policy price of the stores, the premium increases obtained by the five stores through the fusion of Che Bailing’s ban nozzle and Che Bailing’s insurance steward vary from the amount of premium increases. According to the conversion of 70% production and protection ratio, the output value of the accident car increases from 14,000 yuan to 637,000 yuan (the specific amount of increase brought by the accident car insurance is as follows).Highlight 6: Cross-marketing of services — to help auto dealers get through the digital marketing of the whole region, insight into business opportunities and recommend marketing programs intelligentiously, and realize the integration of multi-dimensional income Auto Baling’s plate nozzle and Auto Baling’s insurance butler, so as to realize the digitalization of auto dealers’ after-sales business and auto dealers’ after-sales business marketing.Che Bailing plate nozzle will provide car owner portrait features for the store according to the comprehensive judgment of the user’s mechanical and electrical activity, plate spraying activity and insurance activity.It can also help car dealers to find customer business opportunities actively, and provide cross-marketing programs based on the data of Che Bailing’s insurance housekeeper. After the implementation of the programs, it can adjust marketing methods intelligently according to the transformation effect, enabling car dealers to achieve multi-dimensional income improvement.Some insiders said that the customer flow to the store is small, the customer viscosity of the base plate is reduced, the customer cost is too high, the customer management system is not sound…This is almost a common problem facing all car manufacturers at present, especially in the after-sales business sector, how to find the answer to the problem with the help of digital tools has become a topic for car manufacturers.Quanyou car’s two products, Che Bailing ban nozzle and Che Bailing insurance butler to create a set of effective “combination” for car dealers, not only get through the car dealers’ after-sales business, the greater significance is to really bring 1+1>2 product value for car dealers, driving the new growth of insurance, ban injection these traditional businesses.