Cheers for Zhang Changning and Yao Di

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On the stage of life, not only the climax of the plot deserves applause and flowers, but also the perfect curtain call moment can win everyone’s praise and applause.Zhang Changning and Yao Di, two veteran players, did not sign up for the first training camp of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team this year.Together with Zhang Changning and Yao Di, they were both skilled and famous players in the Chinese women’s volleyball team.The duo’s most famous games were in the 2021 World Cup quarterfinals between China and Brazil and the Tokyo Olympics between China and Italy.Yao Di helped Zhang Changning hit the peak of her life in the world Women’s Volleyball match between China and Brazil last year.Before that, The Chinese women’s volleyball team had lost again and again against Belgium, a second-tier team in Europe and the United States, and even Canada, a third-tier team.The Brazilian women’s volleyball team is winning in a row, morale is high.In this match, Lang ping played zhang Changning’s attacking tactics, with yao Di’s cooperation, Zhang Changning scored 36 points in four sets, trouncing the Brazilian women’s volleyball team 3-2.From then on, Zhang changning became famous and became a real first-class scorer in the world.The battle between The Chinese women’s volleyball team and the Italian women’s volleyball team at the Tokyo Olympic Games was also a battle to clear the name of the Chinese women’s volleyball team after three consecutive defeats at the Olympic Games.In this match, the injured Zhu Ting and Yan Ni as well as the poor Ding Xia did not play, Yao Di as the main setter played the whole game, under her mobilization, the main attack, side attack and receiving, played the most brilliant match in her career, finally the Chinese women’s Volleyball team defeated the powerful Italian women’s volleyball team in three straight sets.Since then, Yao Di has become the first choice of setter for the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the hearts of the majority of fans.Zhang Changning and Yao Di have become indispensable to the Chinese women’s volleyball team, but they also have a common fatal injury, that is injury.Zhang Changning has suffered from numerous injuries since 2018, especially knee injuries, and it is difficult to rest assured at key moments.Last year’s National Games, it was because of zhang Changning’s knee injury recurrence, Jiangsu women’s volleyball team only lost the title.Zhang underwent knee surgery, sat out the league season and is still recovering.Unable to train, Zhang is staying home to prepare for the wedding, which will take place in June.Yao Di is always suffering from cervical spondylosis, and from time to time there are knee injuries attack.Years of injuries have made yao Di, 30, miserable.Now it’s the end of the year, between competitions and training, yao Di finally has a respite, simply open the live broadcast, not to sign up for the training camp, it is understandable.It is because of injury, let Zhang Changning and Yao Di two people have to face reality, do what one can, gave up this year’s first training camp registration.The retirement of Zhang Changning brought the rise of Wu Mengjie of Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team.In the 2021-2022 Women’s Volleyball Super League, Wu Mengjie replaced Zhang Changning as the main attacking player. Wu Han played with great success and helped Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball team reach the final all the way.Now Zhang Changning did not sign up for training camp, Wu Mengjie, Zhou Yitong and other small players will be more than a chance to join the national team experience.In particular, wu Mengjie, a young player, is born with good conditions and is willing to bear hardships. After the training of the national team, it is very possible to quickly support Li Yingying’s opposite Angle.Yao Di abandoned training, for the new generation of young zhang Xinyue’s national team experience training opportunities.From a distance, Yao Di’s move is a big deal.After all, she has been over 30 years old, Chen Xintong is not young, Meng Dou has not really practiced out, it is time to let zhang Xinyue talent is good slowly come to the front.It is believed that after the intensive training of the national team, young player Zhang Xinyue’s technology will usher in a qualitative leap, and the setter of Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team and China women’s Volleyball Team will have a new player who can be expected in the future.Of course, zhang Changning is 27 years old and Yao Di is 30 years old, both can still play for the country.At the end of the training camp, if the Chinese women’s Volleyball Team fails to find suitable li Yingying’s diagonal attack and excellent substitute setter, it is believed that the coaching team headed by CAI Bin will scientifically evaluate and use Zhang Changning and Yao Di.Once the country’s call, rest for a few days of Zhang Changning and Yao Di as long as physical conditions allow, will still be put on the field, for the country.As long as there are no major injuries to zhang Changning, Yao Di, Li Yingying, Yuan Xinyue, Wang Yuanyuan, Gong Xiangyu and Wang Mengjie, the Chinese women’s Volleyball team will remain a formidable force in the international volleyball world.The conclusion is a good move, worthy of praise.Zhang Changning and Yao Di once made great contributions to the Chinese Women’s Volleyball team, but they should be understood and affirmed for giving more young players a chance to practice and recuperate from illness.Chang Huaizhuang guozhi, the court and the opposition can cultivate morality, worth looking forward to.I hope Zhang Changning and Yao Di will recover as soon as possible, adjust their bodies to the best state of health, and call up for the Chinese women’s volleyball team again.