Curiosity has found something new, a special rock on Mars that looks like it’s been polished

2022-06-01 0 By

Said “curious” special stone found on Mars, or called “mysterious rocks”, there have been numerous, have the small metallic ball, have shaped like traffic light rock combination, and looks like the building foundation of sedimentary rock, plus some from media sensational title, bluffed everybody one leng one leng, a lot of people have been interested in fatigue.But the Martian rock that I’m going to talk about today is really special.First of all, this photo is from the website of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory. It was taken at Mount Sharp.Secondly, there are several photos, from a number of angles, with a variety of cameras took the black and white and color photos of the stone, strengthen the authenticity.Based on that, and this photo, it’s believable.To be honest, when I first saw this picture, my first thought was that it looked like a carefully polished stone tool with a very smooth surface and a shape that had been designed to some extent. It seemed to be the relic of some civilization.Compared with the Earth, it may be in the Neolithic age, or the product of a higher civilization stage.Other angles and views and its shape, close to some kind of spoon, or the ancient Chinese compass sinan spoon.Photos of the so-called Mars spoon have been circulating online before, but they are so photoshopped that in one of the photos the spoon actually hangs in the air, which is ridiculous.In fact, there’s this whole idea on the Internet that we humans came from Mars, and the conditions on Mars deteriorated so badly that we had to come to Earth.Another view is that the habitable zone of the solar system is always change, before is Mars, now is the earth, after perhaps other planets or moons, have been habitable planet has never existed, and not to civilized life will and environmental protection for the transfer, so the human space must be developed, for future again want to migrate to other planets.Maybe the Mars was once a habitable planet Mars small spoon, let a person dreams, of course, is not to say that it must be some kind of Mars the relics of civilization, because “curiosity” Mars this 9 years more than six months, photographed there are too many “mystery”, but most scientists, is “nature’s creations”, maybe this time,And a masterpiece of nature.Curiosity of another color with the so-called “spoon” Mars, we said it found it again, “curiosity” Mars, on August 5, land on Mars since 2012, it has been walking on the red planet more than 26 kilometers, experienced a variety of rugged terrain, resulting in the wheel of its tortured, riddled with holes.Curiosity’s riddled wheel And Perseverance, which marked its first anniversary on Mars on February 18, 2021, recently ran into a bit of trouble.While sampling Issole rock in The Zeta region of Mars on Dec. 29, the drill wheel of the vehicle-mounted rock sampling system became jammed with two sticky Martian pebbles, which were only recently removed.In early February 2022, the Perseverance rover set two new records in a row: traveling 243.3 meters and 245.76 meters in a single day, surpassing the 220 meters traveled by opportunity in 2005.Two pebbles stuck in the rotary wheel of The Drill Bit Perseverance’s wheels have been improved And there are lessons to be learned from curiosity and Perseverance’s experiences on Mars.In addition to the Zhurong rover, in the next few years, we will carry out a Mars sampling and return project to bring to Mars the more advanced Zhurong II, which is currently in the development stage and can absorb the “nutrition” of Curiosity and Perseverance.