For redmi K50, what is the “super widescreen motor” mentioned by Lu Weibing?

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Science and technology are constantly developing, and one new concept after another is put forward.Long ago, China did not have the concept of sharing economy. With the passage of time, the concept of sharing economy was put forward, and shared bikes and shared electric vehicles were born.Now the concept of sharing economy has become less popular, and mobile phone competition has become very hot.Recently, Redmi50 has attracted much attention. Lu Weibing also proposed a new concept. Many people will be curious about what is the ultra wide frequency motor?What are its advantages?After graduating from Tsinghua University, Lu Weibing has always had a clear goal for personal development.In 2007, Lu weibing officially took charge of tianyu mobile phone’s domestic business. At that time, the sales volume of tianyu mobile phone was very bright, and the market share of several popular models was relatively high.Two years later, he began managing the company’s overseas operations, setting the stage for future growth.In 2010, Gionee officially recruited aspiring candidates, including Lu weibing, who quickly became gionee’s president in charge of overseas operations.In 2017, domestic mobile phone manufacturers faced very fierce competition, especially the fierce competition among peers, Lu Weibing began to complete a major decision, that is to gradually separate the overseas business of the company from the company, so as to ensure the normal development of the company.In 2019, Lu weibing officially became a member of xiaomi’s big family as the company’s market share continued to increase with good performance in both overseas and domestic markets.At the time, he was not directly involved in the production and sale of Xiaomi’s flagship xiaomi phone, but was in charge of the Redmi phone line.After two years of continuous development and precipitation, In 2021, Lu Weibing officially became the brand general manager of Redmi, and created a number of popular concepts and vocabulary.Now, the Redmik line is about to be released, and Lu can’t wait to share the news with consumers through social media platforms.This is a general manager who has good confidence in the product. He wanted to announce the release date of Redmi50 officially, but the marketing staff stopped him.In addition to the timing of the K50’s release, the ultra broadband motor has also aroused heated discussion among netizens.On Jan. 18, Lu posted a message on his social media platform that included information about CyberEngine’s ultra broadband motor.Not only did he disclose the motor properly, but he called it one of the most promising high-performance motors Android has ever produced.In addition, the UWB motor is likely to be one of the largest and widest frequency powertrains available on an Android phone.The biggest design highlight is the mobile phone’s future game controller, which to a large extent meets people’s more pursuit of smart phones.In addition to the above performance characteristics, its resonant frequency is comparable to that of the iPhone, greatly improving the performance of the Redmi50.At the same time, the static weight of the UWB motor is three times that of the conventional one, which is the 0809 motor.In addition to the ultra broadband motor has attracted much attention, redmi50’s various functions have also aroused heated discussion among netizens.In order to boost sales of new phones, most mobile phone manufacturers remove some of their older models.Redmi has taken a similar approach, and it has become difficult to find sales information for the Redmi40 through various sales platforms.However, the Redmik50 does have a bit more performance advantage than the redmi40, especially the 120w quick charge and snapdragon 8 chips.As for the price of the phone, officials have not released the most accurate price.However, some people posted on social media platforms that the starting price of the Redmi50 was 1999.Of course, this is not the final price.Conclusion Redmik50 is not far away from the release date, but we should choose the right phone according to their income level and demand for mobile phone.Weibing Lu, who grew up with Redmi mobile, has rich working experience, which makes him like a duck to water in the mobile phone field.In addition, the cost performance advantage of RedMI50 has gradually emerged, especially equipped with ultra-broadband motor, performance and power consumption will be well controlled, perfect in line with consumers’ demand for smart phones.However, we should wait for the official press conference, after all, official information is the most reliable.For redmi K50, what is the “super widescreen motor” mentioned by Lu Weibing?Another new concept, what is the “ultra wideband motor” proposed by Lu Weibing for the Redmi K50?