What are the requirements for open gear oil selection?

2022-06-01 0 By

Open gear working characteristics determines the gear oil must be used with good adhesion performance, extreme pressure antiwear performance, resistance to impact load, and depending on the specific operating conditions and environment need to be able to high temperature resistance, resistance to water erosion, sealing strong, reduce dust impact, spraying performance, flow performance, does not contain heavy metals and material may have harm to the environment and human body, etc.It can be simply summarized as the following points: 1. Strong adhesion (good adhesion, not easy to drop and loss).2, high wear resistance and extreme pressure resistance (FZG test level ≥12, four ball welding load >650KG).3, with a certain oil film strength (can weaken the impact load on the tooth surface).4, contains a certain proportion of solid additives and EP (extreme pressure) additives (meet the requirements of boundary lubrication and emergency lubrication).5, good spraying (spraying system) or flow performance (oil pool lubrication).6, wide operating temperature range (suitable for winter and summer).7, the physical and chemical stability of oil is good (long life, small loss, not easy to deteriorate, thermal oxidation stability is especially important for rotary kiln open gear).8, the impact of external environment (such as dust, water, etc.) has a certain degree of resistance.