Is also the Internet capital tycoon, why Liu Qiangdong’s reputation is obviously better than others?

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Capital was not good or bad, neither good and evil, the boss of capital only, this also is “capitalists” are almost negative in almost any context and “capital” is usually the cause of the neutral, there is no good or bad to like guns, in the hands of security forces to protect the safety of people’s life and property and in the hands of the criminal crime conclusion is completely different.Liu Qiangdong, founder and actual controller of, has a huge amount of capital. According to the Data of Hurun Rich List in 2021, Liu qiangdong’s personal assets are about 135 billion yuan, ranking 26th in China.There is no doubt that Liu qiangdong is a typical capitalist, and his reputation should not be very good in the current environment, like that of the two Internet capital tycoons surnamed Ma. But apart from the incident in the United States, Dong Ge’s reputation is much better than That of Erma.Why is this?I think it has something to do with the following.On February 2, 2022, JD Group released a public announcement that Liu Qiangdong, chairman of the board of Directors, will donate 62.37 million class B shares to public welfare undertakings such as education and environmental protection, which he has long been concerned about.The 62.37 million class B shares of are worth $2.34 billion, based on the latest share price. The biggest difference is that each share represents 20 votes.If translated into RMB, $2.3 billion is more than 14 billion RMB, which is more than 10% of Liu Qiangdong’s total assets. I think it is unlikely for most people to donate 10% of their personal wealth at one time.In addition to this large donation, Liu qiangdong led his employees to subsidize more than 30 needy students as early as 2003 when JINGdong was founded, and later donated funds to Suqian city, Renmin University, Tsinghua University and other universities for many times.We also hear a lot about Liu giving back to his hometown suqian, such as spending money on local infrastructure and handing out big red envelopes to villagers over the age of 60.It’s too early to say that Liu qiangdong is a philanthropist, but it’s already taking shape, and donating money and goods is the first reason for His reputation.We need heroes, examples of successful people who have made class leaps entirely on their own, and Liu qiangdong is a true rags-to-riches man.Ma Huateng’s father is Ma Chenshu, who once served as deputy director of Hainan Batuo Port Bureau of ministry of Communications, deputy commander in chief of Yantian Port Construction Headquarters, deputy general manager and director of Yantian Port Group Co., LTD. At the administrative level, ma huateng is at least deputy director level. In the popular words, Ma Huateng belongs to the “second generation of officials”.Ma’s family background is not inferior to That of Ma Huateng, but it is not bad either. His father once served as the chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Folk Artists Association, and his mother was a pingtan actor.Liu qiangdong is different. He was born in a rural area of Suqian, Jiangsu province.At that time, the economic gap between northern and southern Jiangsu is very big, suqian is the most backward economy in the cities in northern Jiangsu, coupled with the birth in the countryside, Liu Qiangdong’s family can be imagined, with poverty two words to describe it.Without any resources and even having to rely on the support of his fellow villagers to go to college, Liu qiangdong made unremitting efforts to not only change his life but also build into a world-class enterprise (Ranking 59th in the Fortune global 500), which sets a good example for many people from poor family backgrounds.Mr Liu’s inspirational story is the second reason for his better reputation.The promise of “treating employees as brothers” has been carried out. Some people claim that treating employees as brothers is actually just a tool to make money. Some people prove with their actions that they really have the interests of employees at heart.I checked the number of employees in Tencent, Alibaba and now has 107,300 employees, Alibaba 258,500 and more than 320,000, according to the latest financial reports released by the three Internet companies.Incidentally, ali’s number of employees in just over 120000 people a year ago and was recently turned times is because ali completed merger of altogether, and altogether, rt-mart and auchan supermarket, is the biggest business entity retail staff number, this just let ali short-term surged to the number of employees more than 250000 has three times as many employees as Tencent and 1.23 times as many employees as Alibaba (2.5 times as many as Alibaba before sun Art merger). What about the size of the three Internet companies?Tencent’s net profit for its most recent fiscal year was 159.8 billion yuan, Alibaba 150.3 billion yuan and 49.4 billion yuan.In terms of earning power, JINGdong is far behind Tencent and Alibaba. Of course, the business characteristics of the former two determine that their profit margins are inevitably higher than Jingdong’s. Let’s take a look at the latest market values of the three enterprises.Tencent has a market cap of HK $4.5 trillion, while Alibaba has suffered the biggest decline but still has HK $2.5 trillion, while has a market cap of HK $871.7 has far more employees than Tencent or Alibaba but a much smaller market capitalization. Is it so inefficient?In fact, the business of JD is not as profitable as Tencent and Alibaba, but its per capita profitability is not that bad. More than half of jd’s 300,000 employees can be “outsourced”.According to jd’s financial report for 2020, the number of employees in different functions was 314,900 by the end of 2020 (the number of employees was more than 320,000 by the end of September 2021), among which 241,900 were engaged in warehousing and distribution.Excluding the 240,000 employees, jd has 73,000 employees, less than Tencent and Alibaba.It is worth noting that Internet companies often purchase logistics and distribution services through outsourcing. For example, Meituan has less than 100,000 employees, so it is obvious that most of the delivery riders are not included in the scope of company employees.What are the benefits to the logistics service personnel if they are included in the company?More don’t say say a little!Employees must have access to social security.Social Security is very important to employees, and I’ve written a lot about it, and if you look at my other pictures, in the long run people who have Social security are at least 20% better off than people who don’t.On the other hand, paying for employees’ social security will increase companies’ expenses, which is why some private companies are reluctant to pay for social security.We assume that the average pre-tax salary of jingdong employees who undertake distribution and storage functions is 6,000 yuan per month (about 5,000 yuan in hand). Even if we only calculate the five insurities, it means that the company needs to spend an extra 1,630 yuan per month, 19,560 yuan more than a has 241,900 logistics employees and annual social security costs of 4.731 billion yuan, not counting the cost of employer liability insurance. That’s nearly 5 billion yuan more each year, which is no small sum and more than 10% of’s net profit in its most recent year.Is not the staff when the brothers reflected in the willing to pay, slogan Shouting again but refused to pay is useless.Some savvy employers show their love for their employees by handing out perks that are nothing compared to the monthly social security costs.From this perspective, Liu qiangdong does treat the underclass who work for as a member of, no matter how large the base is, he does not use the form of outsourcing.This is the third and, IN my opinion, the most important reason for its better reputation.The eyes of the people are clear-eyed, and justice is always in the hearts of those who have a good reputation.The above is purely personal opinion, welcome to pay attention to, like, your support is the best encouragement for the original!