Mrs. Yuan Longping and the students took the “report card” to see Yuan Lao

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Qingming festival will leave to yuan longping academician in a twinkling of an eye on April 2, we have nearly a year, yuan longping statue in hunan changsha, hunan academy of agricultural sciences’ unveiling of the statue to watch him for a lifetime miss rice fields inscribed with “may have enough to eat eat” one yuan longping lady for yuan longping bronze statues of her wearing a mask on a bunch of flowers “are like a seed, to be a grain of good seed” let a person tears a day earlier,On April 1, Mrs. Yuan Longping and her followers went to the cemetery to pay respects to yuan’s family members, colleagues, friends and citizens who came to pay tribute spontaneously in the drizzle.Will spikes laid in the tomb of a transcript in yuen old grave was reading “(hengnan county) and opened the third quarter 1500 kilograms per mu yield research in order to achieve your grain under cool dream yong yi” mourners citizens will write full message card in space-time mailbox has many netizens online message to show their grief before the wind wave rice is your kitchen rice smell is miss you, you old yuan!Source: Wechat official number of People’s Daily guangzhou Daily · New Flower City Editor: Wu Yifan