Pelinka: Westbrook will continue to play for the Lakers next season. I hope Lebron supports my decision

2022-06-03 0 By

Now the lakers seem to have a nice big three, lebron James and heavy eyebrows and the less is one of the league’s fame big star, but cooperation together of the time they worse record is, it is now difficult to actually even into the west in the first eight, wei less is blamed by all the fans, his athletic ability have declined after getting older,Pelinka gave Westbrook a pat on the back today after a series of short dunks and disappointing fans by not letting the lakers send him away at the trade deadline.In an interview about less play time this season, palin said “does have some let a person feel disappointed, I hoped to have their three people together of the time can support each other to reduce stress, but thought that this season would be so difficult, but we also is one reason why so many injuries, believe that with the team back to health,”We’re going to see a huge improvement in our record, and Russ is going to find his way as the game goes on.”Then when it comes to the new season whether less wei will play for the lakers, said palin card “will, he is now gradually into came in, so we have no reason to trade him, I love him, I think he will help us to win, he will continue to play for the lakers next season, this is my affirmation to him, and he is also struggling to adapt to the lakers play, we will be successful,I hope James supports my decision.”If Westbrook stays with the Lakers and doesn’t win a title this season, there’s a good chance James will leave the team, as James hinted yesterday that he might return to his own team by saying anything was possible when asked if he would return to Cleveland.