“Vietnam” hero reverse attack won the award: “hit the face” Li Xiaopeng, fan: amuse yourself

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Focus on THE Chinese Super League (CBA), unique fan media click on the top right corner to follow, will not regret…In the team’s top 12 out 3 days, the annual China golden globe award for the most attention is the “golden globe, vote is 119 media people both at home and abroad, and after a round of voting, guo tian in abroad now, the national security center yuning zhang and tooth extraction were forward lei in the final three, three per capita is international,Therefore, in line with expectations, Wu Lei got 405 points, while Guo Tianyu and Zhang Yuning were 257 points and 240 points respectively.Wu Lei was the clear favorite to win the 2021 Golden Globe award.Due to staying abroad in Spain, the organizers invited Capdevila to present the award to Wu Lei, a World Cup winner from South Africa, who also won the Golden Ball for the third time in China.But unlike the previous two, this is the background, the impact on the team’s World Cup failure so gold is impaired, and as the team’s elder brother, lei didn’t rate team qualification, and in the two rounds have been abandoned, it was abandoned in 1 weeks, to win this award lei, although dozen face Li Xiaopeng, but also more embarrassed.If there is a lack of contribution to the Chinese national football team, the club performance can make up for it, but Wu lei has been completely relegated to the bench in Espanyol, and has not opened the Goal account in La Liga, such a performance is far from the Ballon d ‘Or.If there is one reason why Wu lei won the award, it is probably because he scored nine goals and three assists in 10 matches in the Preliminary round of the World Cup and tied for the top scorer with four goals in the round of 12.However, Wu Lei’s goal of the gold content is not high, especially in the 12 strong match, in addition to help the National football team against Vietnam, other not too great value.In the remaining 31 games, Wu lei only contributed 2 goals and 1 assist, making no contribution at the club.After getting the Golden Globe, Wu Lei expressed his gratitude to the organizers, specially emphasizing the inferiority, it is not difficult to see that Wu Lei himself is ashamed, really embarrassed.Have fan describe: amuse oneself.Thus some fans said that this award is short general Liba, this words said very image.It had been predicted that there would be a vacancy, but judging from the attitude of the organizers, the Golden Globes will be a winner because they are only slightly better.But this award is also a kind of encourage for lei, after all, still insist on struggling in la liga, this spirit is worth affirmation won’t give up, but also for their own career planning early, after all that has been down, delay is his future, choose new platform also early to find a new way for oneself, is the so-called people move.Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of Beimen.Beimen strives for the accuracy and completeness of the content, but if the actual situation prevails, beimen will not be liable for any consequences arising from the use of this article.The final interpretation of the article belongs to the public account and the author of the article.