Tai ‘an Digital Economy Industry Chain Special class: Strengthen the four guarantees, focus on five key points, and promote the high-quality development of digital economy

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Tai’an City special digital economy industrial chain team since its inception, to seize the digital economy rapid development opportunities, focusing on digital industrialization and industry digital, to “build chain, chain, chain” as the important support, accelerated the core industry, digital transformation as the main path and to promote the depth of the digital economy and real economy integration, promoting the development of high quality digital economy.We will strengthen the four guarantees.Special class focus on strengthening planning and security, improve the digital economy development policy system.Tree goal, direction, and a re-examination and jun group digital economy development path, continue to improve the digital economy development strategy and promoting mechanism, Tai’an City digital special economic development plan, to lead to plan, goal oriented, decide questions enterprises, combined with each other at all levels and the relevant policy coordination and supporting each other,Prescribe “special” prescriptions for high-quality development of digital economy enterprises, form a long-term development mechanism, and promote the development of digital economy in Zhuhai to a higher level.The special class focuses on strengthening service guarantee and formulating exclusive plans for enterprise development and expansion.Designed a rapid transition class member role, the thorough enterprise line, into the workshop, the machine room, feel the truth, construction parameter, successively in the research of yolo card (shandong) mining science and technology, shandong the chi blu-ray software companies such as electronics, shandong, adhere to the “one enterprise with one policy”, to develop digital transformation route, customized digital technical targets and solutions;The establishment of joint conference system and consultation system, strengthen the key industry diagnosis services and supply and demand docking, timely coordination to solve the practical difficulties of enterprise development.The special class focuses on strengthening platform guarantee and opening VIP channels for government and enterprise communication.Give full play to the technical advantages of leading departments, build government-enterprise communication platforms integrating policy publicity, financial services, consultation and bank-enterprise cooperation on wechat, Dingding and other network platforms, establish “digital economy services Through train”, and persist in delivering policies and services to enterprises.The special class focuses on strengthening talent guarantee and providing high-level intellectual support for industrial development.Relying on the digital economy major of Shandong Agricultural University, formulate the cultivation plan for high-end talents in digital economy;Improve the capacity of platforms such as big data talent training base and big data talent practice base, form a multi-level talent training system, and transport talents for the development of the city’s digital economy industry;Mount Taishan Craftsman College, key laboratories of universities and regional science and technology innovation centers will be built to combine information technology with traditional technology, theoretical teaching with practical practice, lectures of famous experts with classes of craftsmen, and professional learning with special competitions, so as to solve the “persistent” problems such as the shortage of highly skilled personnel and high-quality workers.Focus on five key issues.The special class adheres to the principle of “revitalizing the stock” and “introducing the increment”, comprehensively inspects the planned signed projects, implements the responsible subjects one by one, and effectively promotes the implementation of projects.At the same time, actively docking with the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, municipal Bureau of Commerce, relying on Taishan Urban Construction Group, Taishan Industrial Development Group, focusing on business and chain investment, taishan International Mountaineering Festival focused investment signing activities as an opportunity, actively planning and planning project investment, to introduce a number of, planning a number of reserves.On the basis of research and research, the special class will form the listing plan and echelon cultivation plan for cultivating enterprises.At present, we are accelerating the listing of Taiying Technology Group Co., Ltd. to ensure the smooth listing of the enterprise with full staff guarantee and total factor guarantee.Actively plan and prepare for the listing of Zhengtu Information Technology Co., LTD.Forward-looking layout taishan guidance listed.At the same time, continue to dig, reserve, cultivate a batch of backup enterprises listed.Focusing on the construction of digital park, the special class relies on the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center in the eastern New District of Taishan District and the Big Data Industrial Park of Taishan Politics and Law in Daiyue District to speed up the construction of Taishan Digital Industrial Park in the high-tech Zone, fighting for “numbers” and advancing all “numbers” to drive the development of digital economy with the construction of digital park.Three digital economic parks — Taishan Shennong Zhigu Big Data Industrial Park, Zhongjing Digital Industrial Park in Ningyang Economic Development Zone and Taian Provincial Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone — will continue to play their pilot roles to strengthen the strength of the digital economy.Focusing on the construction of digital industrial platform, the special class implemented the “Ten hundred” industrial Internet platform cultivation project, and formed a number of regional, industry and enterprise industrial Internet platforms.At present, there are 18 industrial Internet platforms built by enterprises in the city, and 5 projects are selected as provincial industrial Internet demonstration platforms.Further explore the zhuhai advantage resources, speed up the wisdom agriculture platform, electric business platform, logistics platform, the financial information service platform, commodities trading center platform, cross-border electric business platform, steel trading platform, digital medical platform and competitive platform and wisdom parking, wisdom, social security, education and other public service platform development.Focus depth fusion, crucial industry chain program to strengthen communication with all the depth of the industrial chain, speed up the industry “digital +” upgrade, key assigned to mining equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, textile, auto parts and other core industries, and further enhance the level of industrial digital and high-level play good industrial base, the modernization of industrial chain to be completed,Better provide computing power, platform and application support to achieve synergy, 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