This life has you 18: Talk about static beat people against detention

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After a period of rescue, Sun Ping survived and temporarily passed the crisis.Nie Yusheng takes the initiative to come to Sun Ping’s side, gently and patiently coaxing him to be happy, saying that he and Tan Jing knew each other very early, but later separated because of various reasons. It was a pity that he was not accompanied by him for a few years, but also hoped that he could give himself a chance to really understand each other.Tan Jing stood at the door to hear the conversation, filled with emotion, after the event to find Sun Zhijun talks, admitted that his son from birth to adulthood are called Sun Ping, will never change his name, and the past kindness has always been in mind in the heart.However, Sun Ping’s heart disease is serious now, and he should give priority to the treatment. He begged Sun Zhijun not to stimulate the child any more. Sun Zhijun quickly nodded his consent.In the days that followed, Tan Jing was busy with the work of the company as usual, walking at home with the company and the hospital.Colleagues are gossiping about romantic relationships in the tearoom, and the girlfriend is said to be dressed to the nines, a style no one expected him to like.Originally we want to talk from the quiet mouth, but quiet talk to gossip no interest, more will not participate in the private affairs of the boss.On the day of ward round, Nie Yusheng found Sun Ping with his head buried in a drawing. How did he know that Sun Ping directly blocked the drawing board when he passed by? He was a little too sensitive and alert.Nie Yusheng did not further investigate, but noticed the soya beans soaked in water beside the bed, only to know that Sun Ping made a wish to see his father before the operation.Although Nie yusheng is not ready to be a father, he is already concerned about his son calling others “dad” and even how he sees himself.Back home from work, Nie Yusheng unexpectedly quiet will appear here, two people crowded in the kitchen busy with braised fish, such a scene as if that year, full of warmth.Tan Jing, accompanied by Nie Yusheng, packed braised fish and sent it to her son Sun Ping. The three of them enjoyed themselves in the ward, so that Nie Yusheng could not extricate themselves from it. Until Sun Ping suddenly mentioned that Sun Zhijun also liked to eat fish, he suddenly felt that he was not feeling good in his heart, so he found an excuse to go out to get water.In fact, Talk jing know Nie Yusheng has a grudge against Sun Zhijun, laughing and joking that he and his son angry look very similar, at the same time expressed gratitude, promised to find the right time to tell Sun Ping the truth.Talk static back to the room to see Sun Ping in the fine painting of a portrait of three, but forget sun Zhijun’s face, so I plan to wait for him to come over and fill.Sheng fangting invited his friends to dinner, because he talked with his female friends intimately, which made Shu Qin unhappy.While Shu Qin went out, Sheng Fangting followed her. They hid by the door and made out, completely ignoring the noise and frolic in the private room.The next morning, Shu Qin prepared steak for Sheng Fangting, but he had to go out to meet customers, inevitably some lost.When Nie Yusheng saw Tan Jing looking tired, he reminded her to go home and have a rest, indicating that they had prepared a pair of shoes.At the same time, Shu Qin decided to go to Nie Yusheng’s house to cook, but she opened the door and found Tan Jing lying on the sofa. They were stunned at first, and then smiled at each other, knowing each other.Shu Qin knew nie yusheng loved Tan Jing very much, so she told Tan Jing to remember not to hurt him, no matter whether he loved him or not.After an investigation, pangtou found that after the engineering accident took place, the media reporters did not know the true situation clearly, but also deliberately pointed at The enemy, causing a storm of public opinion, from which it could be inferred that the reporter was not an in-depth interview, but wrote manuscripts under the inspiration of the bruguiera far group.After all, at that time, the rival group was in a hurry to go public and it was impossible to admit its responsibility in public, so it was only when the blame was put on The club and there were many false reports.Chutou felt that It was really not easy for Tan Jing, because after tan’s father died, she had to carry many things on her own, especially in the face of the creditors.But fat head does not know however, in those days fortunately have Sun Zhijun to accompany in talk static side, accomplished should do the responsibility, this also is why talk static and sun Zhijun agreement marry the reason.At this time, Tan Jing found that Nie Yusheng bought his shoes, the same style and model, but she was pregnant for these years, running caused by feet become larger, also means that many things have changed.That night, Nie couldn’t sleep, feeling sorry for Tan Jing’s experience. The next day, when he bought breakfast for his mother and son, Tan Jing suddenly stopped him.