Dehong Border Management: Build a solid security barrier to protect the safety of the masses and jointly escort the “Happy Year”

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Dehong is located in the motherland landscape of the southwest border with myanmar on three sides adjacent dehong management team here MuKang, hexi, lianghe border checkpoint guards on the main road access to the mainland become connected the mainland’s second line during the Spring Festival of the last hurdle checkpoint immigration management officers always stick to on-the-job together and see what they are busy left left left MuKang never to border checkpoint edgeGuan Tika when people cheered for the arrival of the New Year, when everyone reunited with their relatives, The State Council, the Central Military Commission awarded the honorary title of “anti-drug pioneer station” dehong Border management detachment mukang border checkpoint police still stick to the post, in the station in Manshi service area of the arrest point,Civilian auxiliary police do their best to maintain the stability of the area, crack down on illegal crimes, protect the area of the people, on the highway duty with a different way to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.”We are immigration management police, as an important force in epidemic prevention and control, for the reunion of the family escort is our responsibility, we will adhere to the G56 Hangrui highway, not leak a car not leak a person, to ensure the security and stability of the border area.”On duty leader webmaster Zhang Chao said.Auxiliary police MuKang border checkpoint people to inspect vehicles personnel information registration in view of the actual traffic momentum increases during Spring Festival, in order to prevent to cross-border crimes, the station at the same time of promoting public investigation, timely transfer capable force to form two patrol investigation team, combined with bus and on foot, a combination of day and night,The mountain roads on both sides of the highway will be regularly and irregularly patrolled and investigated, and cross-border illegal and criminal activities will be severely cracked down to ensure that the people will enjoy a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.MuKang border checkpoint and auxiliary police work strictly carry out investigation on festive holiday times during Spring Festival, they also want to go back to home with their families, but for the sake of our motherland peace and harmony, they chose to remain, always in the “loyalty for the people, act as dedicated, professional and civilization, impartial and honest” immigration management police professionalism.On August 15, 2020, Tenglong Highway was officially opened to traffic, and Hexi border checkpoint civilian auxiliary police were stationed immediately, carrying out round-the-clock two-way investigation in and out of the state.There are many mosquitoes in the service area in summer, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. It is hot and humid in the daytime, cold at night and windy all the year round.At the beginning of the settlement, the civilian auxiliary police dormitory was made of wooden boards, and there were only two simple movable board rooms on the duty station.The conditions are difficult and the facilities are simple, but the auxiliary police in the station have never wavered in their determination to guard the “iron gate”.Yuan Jinjie, 28, is a transferred police officer at hexi Border Checkpoint.With the love of the second-line investigation and study, in the rain ZhaChe, unarmed, climbing car, car, moving goods from hundreds of thousands of packages heap seized suspicious objects, his master, site condition limited, lack of auxiliary equipment, only relying on simple investigation tool, he seized from inspections, forge the nucleic acid test report cases such as more than 10.Hexi border checkpoint police Yuan Jinjie detailed inspection of the truck under the checkpoint service mode every three days there is a night shift, civilian auxiliary police psychological and physical are facing a long time of double high pressure test.Yuan jinjie did not complain, he said: “In the face of the capricious epidemic, overseas epidemic situation is grim, in hexi at this critical juncture, we can not tolerate any pause, hesitation, wait-and-see, we must remain true to our original aspiration, keep our mission firmly in mind, and continue to fight.”Beyond the border checkpoint people auxiliary police in ZhiQinDian fire to keep warm in the night, both police and auxiliary police, both field and office work and logistics, each a “guard the edge person” always do not forget to protect the motherland, for the people service of beginner’s mind, give youth and blood in second-line investigation on the ground, with practical action to practice the new era management police mission.They are loyal and pragmatic, brave and resolute, stick to the “North gate” of Dehong, resist the great pressure to prevent the spread of the epidemic, with loyalty to bear a qualified answer to their conscience, let the organization rest assured, let the people at ease.Hexi auxiliary police border checkpoint people to inspect vehicles personnel information registration lianghe border checkpoint with stick to write another “hit” lianghe border checkpoint stationed in dehong prefecture “north gate” of the 556 national highway, is a transit dehong, tengchong, connecting the bridgehead in southeast Asia, South Asia for road traffic choke points in the Indian Ocean,Average daily traffic flow, human flow accounted for more than 30% of the total.During the Spring Festival, all the auxiliary police officers of the station stayed on duty 24 hours a day and took turns to act as a “firewall” to crack down on cross-border crimes and prevent the spread of the epidemic, creating a unique flavor of the New Year.On New Year’s eve on lianghe border checkpoint is checking vehicles police on duty outside the hall, a “dragon” is slowly into, civilian police Gu Xiaoxue motioned the driver lowered the window glass, a standard salute after action: “hello, please show me your id card, health code, code and efficient nucleic acid detection prove”;”Please put on your mask, open the window and trunk, and get off with your ID card and enter the security area for inspection.Thank you.”Lianghe border checkpoints on duty during the Spring Festival people auxiliary police inspection on vehicles personnel information auxiliary police on duty people epidemic prevention and control, border controls, in strict accordance with the requirements of methodically inspection vehicles, personnel, even if every day to examine thousands of passing vehicles, but this seemingly simple trivial program, and the auxiliary police every car can’t slack off.Since the beginning of winter, the civilian auxiliary police in the duty field have to face all kinds of vehicle exhaust, but also to accept the cold test.In spite of the cold wind, the auxiliary police on duty still kept their eyes firmly on every vehicle in the past, gesturing, stopping, checking and registering, never missing a car.In between shifts, the policemen warmed themselves around the station’s carefully prepared braziers, then took a break and immediately plunged into the oncoming traffic.Lianghe border checkpoint people sitting around the fire to keep warm auxiliary police on duty clearance outside the epidemic situation is still grim stationed in the second line inspection station auxiliary police have become the people of the “keeper” during the Spring Festival best dehong border management team full of p mobilization, full participation, full control stand every duty done every class began to build a safety barrier to protect the peace joint convoy “happiness in source:Dehong Border Management Detachment editor: Yu Liliang review: Yang Xiyuan