Poor Charlie’s Book | Warren Buffett’s mentor and partner, 2 super simple pieces of universal wisdom

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Meet me every Monday, seventh week of 2022, and recommend poor Charlie’s Book.The only comprehensive collection of Buffett’s mentor and life partner Charlie Munger’s writings, live speeches!A brief review of your student days reveals that for every problem, there was a clear demarcation of the discipline to which it belonged.None of the problems in the work happened to fall within the boundaries of a discipline, they all crossed the boundaries.We tend to have knowledge in our field of expertise, but if a person has a lot of interdisciplinary knowledge, he or she has a lot of tools at his or her disposal and can therefore make as few cognitive errors as possible.So I, like the author, strongly recommend that you stock up on the 7 practical foundations of thought, knowledge, whatever the means: Mathematics: Must be able to deal with numbers and quantities, and automatically think engineering in terms of decision tree theory and basic permutations and combinations:Backup systems are a very useful idea, and breaking point theory is a very powerful mental model.Physics: The critical mass concept is a very powerful mental model.Accounting: Accounting is the language of doing business and understanding the limitations of standard accounting.Psychology: Basic part of Psychology The psychology of misjudgment is extremely important to the knowledge of biology/physiology: because we are all, after all, the same in terms of our genetic makeup.Economics: It’s a useful way of thinking about the free market economy as some kind of ecosystem.– Charlie Munger To acquire knowledge through Reading Why reading?As a product manager specializing in gardening, I learned 90 percent of the skills in my job by myself, and the foundation of self-learning is reading comprehension.As individuals in real life, we get our general wisdom from experience, trial and error, and observation, and reading feeds us the collation, packaging, and compression of the experiences, trial and error, and observations of great men.How to read?Practice practice: The true test of all books is the effect they have on the lives and behaviour of their readers.Go deep into the author’s world: If you do make friends with great people in your life who are dead, the author, then I think you will have a better life and get a better education.Read a variety of books: Miscellaneous books greatly improve one’s ability to accept new things.People who are more experienced and well-read certainly have a better understanding, because they are more likely to quickly find analogies in their existing knowledge when encountering the unknown.All I wanted in my life was to engage life, not to become isolated.”– Charlie Munger Even though I’m all for” interdisciplinary knowledge “and” knowledge gained through reading.”But I still have to say responsibly – extreme things will have opposite, reading and learning must not be greedy and blind.Because we are all given different roles and given different tasks and expectations.Our “interdisciplinary knowledge” and “knowledge acquisition through reading” still have to serve our life goals, otherwise they are not worth the cost.You are advised to try: Set reading limit: no more than 50 books per year, no more than 7 hours per week set reading threshold: 8.0 or aboveReal learning begins when you know what you need.Many people keep “learning” because they have no goals.Thank you for reading, and may you make bold assumptions and carefully verify them in the seventh week of 2022. I’ll see you on Monday.