The Interaction between “Aseanization” and ASEAN Integration of the South China Sea issue

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[Li Yuhong, Zheng Anguang: Interaction research on the “Aseanization” and ASEAN Integration of the South China Sea Issue source: South China Sea Journal, vol. 7, No. 4, 2021;After the end of the Cold War, the South China Sea issue, driven by internal and external factors, has become a hot issue in the regional order.As a regional organization integrating Southeast Asia, ASEAN has played an important role in the South China Sea issue.First of all, the asean way should be adopted to consolidate the common position of its member states and enable them to intervene in the South China Sea issue in a “bloc way”.Secondly, due to the gap in size and strength, ASEAN and China form an asymmetric structure, which increases the gap between ASEAN and China, resulting in ASEAN’s “sense of insecurity” towards China. Therefore, ASEAN needs to draw in big powers outside the region to make up for the lack of security.As far as China is concerned, asean’s practice makes it feel “threatened” to some extent, forming a misunderstanding structure in the interaction between the two sides.The hypothesis of “integration and asymmetric misunderstanding structure” can effectively explain the evolution characteristics of the South China Sea issue, highlighting that the aseAN-South China Sea issue is one of the factors destabilizing the regional order.Key words South China Sea issue;The association of south-east Asian nations (asean);Asean integration;Asymmetric;In order to better serve the construction of digital China and the construction of “One Belt and One Road”, the political Science and International Relations Forum of digital Economy think tank will strengthen theoretical and practical exchanges in the process of the construction of digital economy.Experts and scholars from China’s digital economy and the belt and Road Initiative have set up a think tank on digital economy to contribute to the construction of digital China.Wei Jianguo, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, served as the honorary president, with well-known young scholars huang Rihan and Chu Yin as the leaders.The Politics and International Relations Forum is a dedicated platform under the digital Economy think tank.