Lest the world be in chaos?Biden plans to send Troops to Eastern Europe, Adding fuel to Tensions with Ukraine

2022-06-06 0 By

What are you trying to do?Just a few days ago, Biden said, “The United States will not send a single soldier into Ukraine,” but he said in an interview on Tuesday that he plans to send American troops to Eastern Europe and NATO countries in the near future.In just a few days, the attitude has come to a U-turn, making people suspicious.It is important to know that Ukraine and Russia played the game in person in the recent Ukraine situation. Whether the US was behind the scenes, jumping up and down, or encouraging the fire, there is a tacit understanding that cannot be broken, that is, it cannot directly intervene in the military.It is not only a naked provocation to Russia, but also tantamount to a declaration of war once the regular forces of the United States and Russia exchange fire.Biden is well aware of the consequences, but from biden’s point of view, whether or not to send American troops is a pawn enough to rattle Russia’s nerves.This chess piece is not used, how to use, when to use, behind are very deep calculation.So why did Biden pick on Russia’s nerves at this point?Wear the news these days, you can get a glimpse.Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday that he does not want a war with Ukraine.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also urged his people not to fear war and was ready to hold talks with Putin.As the West continues to flout fire and sensationalize the atmosphere of war, Russia and Ukraine have taken the initiative to de-escalate the situation and move toward peace.The stage was set up with great difficulty, but when it came to the critical moment, the two protagonists suddenly withdrew. How could the play go on? Is this what America wants?Those of you who have read my previous analysis know that the US wants to see a war between Russia and Ukraine more than anything else, so that it can substantiate the “Russia threat” theory, make profits from energy exports, sell arms to Eastern Europe and NATO, and shift the fierce social conflicts at home.It is not unreasonable to call the US a “warmonger”.For a country so accustomed to the dividends of war, the sound of a gun, gold and fire is like a panacea.With war, the problems related to national money, politics and ideology cannot be completely solved, at least can be solved in half, or the crisis can be postponed.That is, of course, if the war is not on American soil, but in other countries, and the United States has ample room to intervene.One might wonder, of course, that Biden has said “not a single soldier will be sent into Ukraine,” or that he could send troops to Eastern Europe or NATO.Now that Mr Biden is explicitly planning to send troops to Eastern Europe, that does not seem like a broken promise.However, we should know that in international games, there is always no definite word and no dead move. The purpose is nothing more than to evaluate the situation and make a dish, which is a kind of strategy vague play.From Russia’s point of view, the invasion of Eastern Europe is a step away from the invasion of Ukraine.After Chen’s invasion of Eastern Europe, if the United States suddenly turned around and blamed Russia for any reason, then changed its promise not to send troops to Ukraine and directly entered Ukraine from its eastern European neighbors, I am afraid it is not impossible.The so-called war of avidity, if the hope of some countries vague statements, I am afraid will be fooled.And biden’s decision not to send troops into Ukraine is not about peace, but a deliberate attempt to pave the way for war.As long as the U.S. does not send in U.S. troops and withdraw its embassy staff, Russia can bomb freely without compromising the FACE of the United States.Now that the war is not going to break out, there will be no choice but to stir up the conflict further.Mr Putin and Mr Zelensky see America’s sinister intentions all too well.But seeing through America doesn’t mean the war can’t be fought.Three points are still worth noting.First, do not underestimate America’s determination and ability to provoke war.For now, a war between Russia and Ukraine is not a pressing need. The best option is peace and the status quo.But a war between Russia and Ukraine is on the verge of becoming an “urgent need” for America.Without a fight, many of America’s intentions will be difficult to achieve.Earlier, the Pentagon announced that 8,500 American troops had been put on high alert in case they were needed.Before it was just a gesture of pressure, but now it looks like the momentum is wrong and it could be a direct result.Both pressure and consequences are aimed at provoking tension. This fundamental goal remains unchanged.Second, Russia’s economic woes may also lead to war.The United States was an important factor driving the war, but it was not the only one.Russia, let’s not forget, is also in charge.In 2020, Russia’s GDP was $1.4 trillion, and in the first half of 2021, it was $77 million, not even among the world’s top 10.The recent acceleration of Russia’s decoupling from the dollar settlement system has touched the core interests of the United States, and the round of sanctions against Russia is likely to be more severe, thus worsening the economic situation.20 years ago, when he was running for president, Putin promised to “give me 20 years and give you a strong Russia”. Now that putin’s term is coming to an end, where is “strong Russia”?Territorial, if not economic, might appeal to the Russian people, who are a nation of territorial ambitions and impulses.If Mr Putin intends to leave a significant legacy with his war with Ukraine, it is hard to say what will happen next.Third, NATO’s “new expansion model” will continue to irritate the situation.NATO eastward expansion, reduce the pace of Russia’s strategic security space has not stopped.Previously, it mainly adopted peaceful expansion and gradually invited central and Eastern European countries to join, but now the mode of peaceful expansion has basically reached its limit, and if we want to expand further, we may have to resort to war.This is also an American experiment in Ukraine.NATO has said it will not promise to stop its expansion, and Russia cannot bear to have NATO’s artillery on its doorstep.If NATO continues to goad, Russia’s core security concerns may justify a military response.