Luxury brand more than 200,000 yuan, standard LCD instrument, Porsche “the same” electronic handle, value?

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$200,000 for an Audi?Yes, you heard right, the guide price of audi A3 entry-level model is only 203,100 yuan, good appearance level coupled with relatively friendly price, for those young consumers who pursue quality, it is not an irresistible choice.For this article, we’ve turned to the 2021 Sportback 35 TFSI Aggressive Sport to see how the entry-level model looks and whether it’s worth buying.In terms of appearance, A3 provides “elegant version” and “sport version” two programs, for young consumers, “sport version” models are more surrounded by impact more in line with appetite, with the standard LED light source lamp group, quite sharp taste.The length of the new car is 4351mm, and the wheelbase is 2630mm. In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with a 17-inch whirlwind shaped wheel rim, which has a dynamic visual effect. In addition, the keyless entry function of the whole system costs 2000 yuan for optional installation, which is “equal”.The tail of the new car is compact and neat, and the long and narrow taillight group is very recognizable. In addition, the lower enclosure resembles the tusk shape decoration and echoes the front, and the bilateral double exhaust decoration enriches the tail element.The line of sight came to the car, the new car interior design layer sense, soft plastic lining material, silver plate combined to create a different kind of industrial beauty.The entry-level model comes with a 10.25-inch LCD meter, which costs 4,000 yuan to upgrade to the same 12.3-inch Audi virtual cockpit enhancement as the premium model.The 10.1-inch touch screen is a standard part of the entire system, which provides mobile phone interconnection, voice control, Bluetooth and other functions. The navigation system is optional for all the systems.The automatic air conditioner in the double temperature area below is also standard for the whole system. The monochrome screen in the middle can intuitively display the air volume, temperature and other information, and the visual effect has a certain high-level sense.The all-in-one seats are sporty, fabric is not a bad thing, and the front seat angles are manually adjusted.The second row air conditioning air outlet and two Type-c ports are also standard, which are more friendly to the second row passengers and can ensure certain comfort/convenience.In terms of power, all audi A3 series adopt 1.4T turbocharged engine, with maximum power of 110kW and peak torque of 250N·m. The transmission is matched with 7-speed dry dual-clutch transmission.Overall, the configuration of Audi A3 2021 Sportback 35 TFSI Is reasonable, such as LCD instrument, central control screen and automatic air conditioner, which can meet the daily use needs of most friends. If you need functions such as keyless entry, navigation system, reversing image, etc.,Directly through optional installation can be achieved.