Why do most families with a daughter as their first child have a second?It’s not the son preference you think it is

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When the two-child policy was opened, we can find that in many families that actively respond to the two-child policy, the number of families with one child being a daughter accounts for a large proportion. Then, why are parents more eager to have a second child when the one child is a daughter?She gave birth to a daughter. At that time, the two-child policy had not been implemented, so it was still the era of “only having one good”.And as a result of small soft and the old man in the home, are not serious son preference thought owner, so do not feel that there is anything wrong with a daughter.However, for the old people, more or less there will be a little care, after all, although the old people are very open-minded about gender equality, but the traditional culture of “male inheritance” after all affected the old people, in fact, the old people still prefer to have a boy.So, when the two-child policy comes down, the old man in the home is very actively urging the little soft another, in fact, the old man’s mind is to want a boy, think in the second child can give birth to a boy is perfect.And small soft to want a child this matter, is also expressed in favor of, because in small soft’s heart, feel that a man and a woman in the home is the perfect family structure.In this way, one might think that families with a daughter for one child are having a second because of a preference for sons, a desire for a boy.Yes, wanting a boy is the typical reason, but in many families with one daughter, there are other, more realistic reasons for wanting a second child.Why the first child is a daughter’s family, most will choose to have a second child, it is not the son preference you think daughter is very obedient, so parents feel it is very easy to take children Xiaorou has not given birth to a child, has always heard that taking children is a terrible thing, so Xiaorou has always felt that taking children will be very headache.However, when the daughter was born, in addition to the babyhood more trouble, the later daughter was very quiet, and also very understand her mother’s mind, is simply a good baby model.Therefore, small soft feel that taking children is not a very troublesome thing, so it is understandable to respond to the national policy of another.However, if xiaorou’s first birth is a boy, I’m afraid xiaorou will not think so.Because boys and girls are different in nature, boys are born more lively, after having the ability to act, often make the family upside down, which is also one of the reasons why many families with a boy are not willing to have two children.Because they really feel like they don’t have the energy to take care of the baby, and if they have another baby, the couple will lose their lives completely.The daughter is too lonely, so want to give birth to a “playmate” small soft’s daughter some older time, small soft took her daughter came to the children’s paradise to play, although the child played very happy, but out of the time, but a little dim.Small soft found the child’s mood is a little low, asked her daughter what happened, and her daughter told small soft, people have brothers and sisters, why don’t you?When playing, people are playing with their brothers and sisters, but they can only play a person, sometimes made friends to play together, but people’s brothers and sisters, friends will follow their brothers and sisters to play, and the rest of their own.Therefore, small soft just want to have another, so that two children’s childhood will not be lonely, will sometimes accompany their own playmates, the child’s psychological environment or will be more healthy, so that everyone will become more happy.Be afraid of daughter suffer injustice later, want to give birth to a boy to help daughter daughter is more effeminate commonly so, the daughter of small soft also is same, see daughter that kind effeminate appearance, small soft unavoidable feel worry for the future of the child, if the daughter was bullied in the school how to do?What if my daughter goes out and meets a bad guy?What if the daughter gets married and gets bullied by her in-laws?The best and most feasible way to solve these problems is to have another boy. In this way, when her daughter grows up, she will always have a younger brother to accompany her. When her daughter is wronged, the younger brother can help her.And when the younger brother is restless, the older sister can also educate him.So, She wanted to have another baby.In fact, many families want a second child, there is a very simple reason, is their daughter wants a brother or sister.Compared with boys, girls are more emotional, that is, sentimental, and have a strong demand for emotion. Many only children will have a big emotional gap, and this emotional gap is not easy to make up for only by parents.Therefore, the girl will want her parents to have another child, which will not only satisfy the daughter’s emotional needs, but also add another member to the family, which is also what the whole family is happy to see.These are not the only reasons for having a second child.Regardless of whether the first child is a daughter or not, we need to consider whether we can be qualified parents and whether we have the conditions and patience to cultivate the two children into the future of our country.(The pictures in this article are from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete)