Guizhou: pregnant women kneeling in the snow collapse crying, insider: boyfriend dumped, can not find people

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Oscar Wilde, the British writer, once said: “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.Don’t be stuck in the present for someone who is not worth it, and don’t be depressed for a relationship that is not worth it. Everyone’s final destination is himself.People often ask, what is to love oneself?One of the most important criteria for loving yourself is not to cross the line for anyone, but to stick to your principles.A woman crying in the snow recently happened in Kaiyang, Guizhou province. On her way to buy vegetables, she found a woman kneeling in the snow and crying, looking very pitiful.The woman was crying and beating the ground with both hands. Passers-by came forward to comfort her when they saw this scene. Strangers were distressed and anxious for her.The temperature dropped sharply these two days, the snow on the ground has not melted, the woman so directly half kneeling on the ground, regardless of their own image, the expression is heartbroken, painful.Being jilted by a man can make a woman give up face, collapse and cry, is bound to encounter she can not deal with things, mostly by feeling hurt, in the end who fault in the mouth of the insider, we learned that she was jilted by her boyfriend, now pregnant but can not find her boyfriend where, crying very sad.As early as a few days ago, local people have seen her, insiders said that the woman is pan Zhou, boyfriend in Kaiyang, originally the man with the woman to the New Year, somehow suddenly quarrel, the result began to trouble, it is said that the police at that time, and called the woman’s relatives, her family is ignored.It’s not worth it to say rationally that crying doesn’t solve anything, it just makes people laugh at you and gives you something to talk about after dinner.Backer mountain will fall, rely on everyone will run, women should know that rely on their own to have ample food and clothing, not self-love of the end will make you regret.What are you crying about?Go to the hospital to abort the baby, find a class, learn a lesson, love yourself.Words rough reason is not rough, others do not depend on live do not know, by their own affirmation will not be too bad.Their choice of road, gnawed teeth also want to go down if with tears can put the man back, that day there will not be so many women trapped by love.Obviously, the man she loves is a very irresponsible man. Even if she can get back together, she may not cherish him in the future, so it is the best choice to stop her loss in time.One is willing to hit one is willing to suffer, there is no forced, is you love my wish, since do, you should think of the worst outcome early.No matter what age, women should know how to protect themselves and should not be deceived by men’s sweet words. It is the basic common sense of every woman to protect themselves all the time in the process of love. Do not risk your life, otherwise you will only get bitter fruit.From the legal point of view, pregnant without a license, it is difficult to protect their rights, because it is not protected, the law can intervene in the case of love, even if they can get compensation is not proportional to the sacrifice of energy, so during love, women should keep their eyes open.Cry, sad, not necessarily because of abandoned, perhaps angry with their own behavior, but it has come to this point, pick up again, is the only choice, because we can not change the outcome, can only choose to accept.Life is long, now is not the time to cry, only treat yourself, to meet good luck and surprise.