Listen to the king!Arcato 1988 to 2020 recording special, limited worldwide release

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Karajan once said, “If I were to list the 10 best violinists of our time, Accardo would be on one of the fingers of my left hand.”Known as Italy’s national treasure violin master Salvatore Accardo to interpret the “violin devil” Paganini’s works known in the world, and even has “contemporary Paganini” said.Having performed publicly on “24 Capricci” at 13 and winning the Paganini Violin Competition at 17, he has continued to blossom on his legendary musical journey.So far, Accardo has played with uncanny skill,Brandishing two famous Stradivarius’ Hart ex Francescatti (1727 and Firebird ex Saint-exupery (1718),It presents countless classic songs deeply rooted in the hearts of music fans all over the world.Accardo’s repertoire is vast, from Vivaldi and Bach to contemporary composers.Of course, he was best at playing Paganini’s works, such as his 24 Capriccio and concerto, which he performed frequently and recorded several times.For classical music fans, Arcato’s work on Paganini, Bach, Vivaldi and others need not be said, listening to him is an ultimate enjoyment;For audio enthusiasts, aqua more deduction is first-rate, for example: four Eric clapton deduce the vivaldi: four seasons, the vibrato of paganini, the devil, “paganini” cannon “, such as business card is acclaimed in the fever, won the penguin record guide, and a number of authority in the CD bible audio magazine recommended!In 2021, Fone, an Italian label known for producing high-quality classical recordings, released Happy Birthday Maestro! On the occasion of arcato’s 80th Birthday.40 SACD sets.Fans who regularly listen to Arcato’s recordings will be familiar with the label.The label was founded in 1983 by Giulio Cesare Ricci, a master Italian sound engineer.For a long time, they have been recording natural music and people’s feelings and feelings towards music as the concept, most of the Italian masters of the recording, especially with Accardo’s cooperation is featured.In the selection of repertoire, performers, Musical Instruments and recording sites are very particular, Musical Instruments also use precious treasures;Recording is often done in villas, churches and old theaters.Their recordings have warm instrumental tones and a rich human quality, combining the transparency of digital recording with the smoothness of analog recording.The album is a memorable collection of recordings that Accardo and Ritchie made between 1988 and 2020.Violin Master, happy birthday!The 1980s were the heyday of Arcato’s career, as he played with consummate grace, precision and confidence.After stepping into the new century, he has perfected his piano skills, with a clear and beautiful tone and gorgeous colors.Different stages of his ability to display their dazzling skills, memorable.The package consists of 40SACD+84 pages in German, English and Italian, covering many of accardo’s most famous works of his career, such as:Paganini’s 24 Rhapsodies, Bach’s Sonatas and Suites for Unaccompanied Violin, Brahms’s Sonatas for Violin, and Beethoven’s Violin Concerto are indispensable, as well as Mendelssohn, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Bernstein, Sarasati and other famous works.In addition to the leading role of Arcato, the concert was performed by Giorgia Tomassi, G.Tomassi, T.Hoffman, K.Penderecki, S.Redaelli, Hoffman Toby and many other outstanding performers.Another deep value mention is that suit for the first time there were 16 Zhang Luyin issue in SACD formats and one double deck SACD, six is carried out in 2020 and the production process, have just finished my motherboard is not officially released, this includes Beethoven, Greg, prokofiev excellent works, such as choosing what content is rich and colorful, that’s wonderful.It can be said that it is not common to see a classical collection set released on the carrier of SACD.We should know that the recording released by this carrier is better than the traditional CD in any aspect, such as sound quality, sound effect, resolution and so on have been greatly improved.※ Collection of several representative precious recordings of Arcato from 1988 to 2020, is the best choice for listening to the ultimate charm of Arcato’s performance!※ Issued by SACD carrier, and contains many recordings that have never been released, the sound quality has been greatly improved and guaranteed!※ Produced by Italian famous factory “Fone”, perfectly created by Giulio Cesare Ricci, who has cooperated with Accardo for many years!Salvatore Accato, Violin Master, Happy Birthday!1988-2020 Recording Collection Limited Edition German edition 40SACD* This product can be played on ordinary CD players