“I fell in love with fear”, Gu Ailing’s high inverse quotient is really powerful

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Welcome to watch the old ma values, old Ma values, a tone of financial and economic gossip, I am old Ma, Ma Shangtian.This Winter Olympic Games, two players are very attractive to me, one is Gu Ailing, one is Su Yiming.These two Chinese players are really outstanding, 17 or 18 years old, lively, gold and silver.Indeed, let a person see eye candy, long spirit.In these two young players, I find many similarities, not only in their outstanding ability, appearance level and talent, but also in their high eq and excellent counter-quotient.For example, su Yiming, a 17-year-old athlete, suffered a misjudgment by the referee and lost the gold medal. Instead of complaining, she prepared positively for the next match.As a result, he won the gold medal in the men’s snowboard platform with absolute strength, and the judges did not even have a chance to press the score.Gu Is also the same, not only high appearance level, outstanding student temperament, fashionista.Her excellent language skills and emotional control are impressive.Recently, the New York Times published an article by Gu, “I admit, I fell in love with fear”.This text, let us walk into Gu Ailing’s heart.It turns out that this little general’s inner cultivation is so high, I suggest you see how she is facing fear, how her inverse quotient is refined.1. “Fear” actually encapsulates three different sensory experiences: excitement, uncertainty, and stress.I have learned that to be aware of and actively use the subtle cues in each of these senses contributes to success;Ignoring them is often a sign of injury.2. Instead of ignoring fear, we forge a unique relationship with it by exploring deep self-awareness and thoughtful risk assessment.3. The precarious balance between confidence in the smooth completion of an action and the excitement of what lies ahead is what keeps me hooked.I hear this state is called “the zone.”4. Pressure can be a positive force for a fighter who can overcome it, but it can also be a decisive factor in losing.After reading this article, I think, to our education children will be more than a dimension.Many said gu could not learn.That is because many people only see gu Ailing’s external explicit things, such as her family background, background, and how much it costs to row snow, and then draw a conclusion that she cannot learn.Are you sure you can’t?How many challenges do we give our children as they grow up?Did we develop his counterquotient, frustration tolerance?Do we discourage our children from trying more for fear that they will get hurt?In fact, the most important thing to learn is this kind of recessive things, that is, emotional control ability, inverse quotient, anti-frustration ability.If a child can harness the energy of fear, do you worry about her?This is a person’s true drive, the ability to stay with a child for a lifetime.Born different, each wonderful.I believe that the young generation, as long as education, each have their own wonderful, will be very good.Young strong is strong, proud of you.