On the 13th day of the 1st lunar month, the 2022 Horse Street Book Meeting will be held live on Dahe Daily

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Dahe Daily · Yu video reporter Huang Ting On February 10, the reporter in baofeng Ma Street book meeting organizing committee learned that this year should be expected by the national audience, Ma Street book will be held online.By the end of the day, “Cloud Book Fair” received online from 189 top prize works, involving 16 genres, the organizing committee will select the 2022 Horse Street Book Fair book Champion.Fan Yusheng, president of baofeng County rap Art Research Association, told reporters that the jury had selected three candidates after three rounds of selection, and they will compete for the top prize on February 13, January 13.The rules of the selection are: each person can sing for 5-6 minutes, and the full score is 10 points.After the performance, the judges will give points respectively, and the scorer will calculate the results on the spot and announce them.After all candidates sing, the chief judge will give comments.Fan said that this year, the ma Jie Book Club still adheres to the principle of “three priorities” : priority is given to people from other provinces, rare songs and folk artists, given the same artistic level and singing skills.Dahe Daily Yu Video will be on February 13 at 14:00, the full live broadcast of the 2022 Majie Book Fair champion final, scan the wechat public account, wechat video account, Douyin, Kuaishou, Sina Weibo, without leaving home, you can listen to the Majie book fair on cloud.Let’s wait and see who gets the crown.After the selection competition, the top scorer, the second, tanhua will also be respectively impromptu performance, then Baofeng magic, suona and other wonderful performances, visual feast can not be missed.Source: Dahe Daily · Yu Video editor: Li Yu