The first three words you see, according to superstition, represent your fortune in the year of the Tiger!(Containing red envelopes)

2022-06-09 0 By

Happy New Year! I have been busy for a whole year, happy and sad, but in fact, nothing could be better than sitting at home, pasting Spring Festival couplets and making dumplings with my family.I bet you already have your New Year’s resolutions ready for the New Year.In foreign countries, there has always been a map called “the first three words you see represent your luck in 2022”. When I measured it, I thought in my heart, why not make a version of “financial migrant workers”?So we have this picture.On this beautiful New Year’s Eve, close your eyes for three seconds and let your intuition make the first choice for you.What will your luck be in 2022?Let it be revealed immediately.Ha ha, what do you see?I’ll go first: customers double, assets over 100 million, bald.Well, if this is my year of the Tiger, I’ll take it.Anyway, luck is a bad thing, not a good thing, don’t you think?Of course, if you want to have better luck in 2022, I will prepare another gift for you: now follow the wechat @Blanket Uncle Office, and you can participate in the lucky draw and share 888 yuan in the Red envelope of the Year of the Tiger. Come now?Lucky draw, February 3rd at 20:00 ~