Linyi Ling listen to psychological counseling: children weariness how to do?(original)

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Recently, a visitor consulted that children were not willing to go to school, and even mentioned words and events related to school.Take learning as a painful thing, do not like to do homework or procrastinate, go to school complaining of headache stomach pain, sleepy reading, anxiety in the classroom, can not sit, can not concentrate.Even refuse to go to school, often truancy or truancy, serious can lead to dropping out of school.Brought great trouble to parents.How to fundamentally solve the problem of child weariness?Only to find the root of the disease, to solve the problem of weariness of children.The following are several main reasons for weariness: 1. Academic performance is not ideal, can not keep up.2. Encounter bullying on campus.3. There are changes in the family when a child or parent is sick.4. Spoiled children grow up character: ① timid, sensitive, suspicious, willful, stubborn, emotional instability.② He loves face and can’t stand criticism.③ Strong dependence, poor independence in life and spirit.Ling Listen psychological counseling analysis: When children refuse to go to school, what should parents do?1. Parents need to stabilize their emotions. Anxious children often have anxious parents or families behind them.2. Truly let children feel their parents’ understanding and company, and gradually restore children’s learning function to get twice the result with half the effort.3. Avoid excessive worry, using beatings, criticism, intimidation and other methods to force children to go to school, aggravating the psychological trauma of children.4. Communicate with school teachers to help children overcome difficulties.On the premise of protecting children’s privacy, we should actively communicate with the class teacher and teacher, so that children gradually adapt to school life.5, encourage and care for children parents should often give children praise, cultivate children’s confidence in learning, correct learning attitude, stimulate children’s enthusiasm for learning.6, do not force children to learn parents always want their children to become talents, so as to force their children to learn, but it is easy to cause the disgust of children, leading to children weariness.Cultivate children’s good study habits, let children consciously and actively study.It is normal for children to be bored with school.Parents do not have to be too panic, understand the reasons for children weariness, encourage children to adapt to the rhythm of the school in a positive and effective way, help children get rid of weariness, guide children to love learning.If you have some doubts in your child’s education, contact Ling Listening psychological counseling teacher to help you answer your doubts.I am Yang Hailing, use psychology, help you to be yourself, have a life that you say what you want!