The Winter Olympic Games which events have been China’s top athletes to break through

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Winter of 2022 Beijing Olympic Games main events are skating, ice hockey, curling, ski, two winter, snow machines, and the sled, each big projects have 1 to 15 points, in the disciplines inside have 109 events, in racing has the project such as ice skating, short track speed skating, figure skating in skills class, ski jumping projects, projects such as integrated with ice hockey, curling.The first gold medal of The Chinese team in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is fan Kxin, Qu Chunyu, Zhang Yuting, Ren Ziwei, Wu Dajing in the short track speed skating mixed 200m relay gold medal. These interesting athletes are from Heilongjiang, heilongjiang now has a national reputation as “the hometown of Winter Olympic Champions”.Ren Ziwei won the men’s 1,000m short track speed skating gold medal, China’s second gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Salute ren Zi Wei’s Olympic spirit!Proud of the Chinese athletes!Gu Ailing achieved a historic breakthrough by winning the third gold medal for China in women’s big jump freestyle skiing, which is her first Gold medal at the Olympic Games and also the first gold medal for China in moguls.Just as the netizen said that good genes and excellent guidance from excellent parents, ordinary people can only envy us. We love Gu Ailing so much!I have never been a fan of anyone. I was completely conquered by Ailin this time. I love this good girl so much!Gao Tingyu won the men’s 500 meters speed skating gold medal, the fourth gold medal of The Chinese team. He not only won the gold medal, but also set a new Winter Olympics record of 34.32 seconds.Xu Mengtao won freestyle skiing women’s air skills gold medal China team first hardware, looked at xu Mengtao’s growth process and her career as an athlete, too many setbacks, she meniscus are removed can also take the gold medal, compared to the god of the athletes, Xu Mengtao is really shocking inspirational champion.Su yiming won the sixth gold medal in men’s big jump snowboarding for China. She won the gold medal in the Winter Olympics at the age of 17. She is also a child star of Tsui Hark’s films.