Chapter 20 Reform and Opening to the Outside World Live and Work in peace and Contentment

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When I arrived in East Heping, my third uncle saw that I had come back only a few days after I left. He also guessed seven or eight points and felt that I had made up my mind to settle down.In fact, that’s what I was thinking.I continued to help my third uncle give pig food to the production team subjects and feed the pigs.A lot of work I also all finished, three uncle more happy, can save time for me to run errands to contact settled things.In East Heping there was a man named Zhou, who was vice captain that year and had a very close relationship with his third uncle.He asked His in-laws, Sui, who in turn asked his in-laws, Zhang Fengtong, to be the captain of the army, so he agreed to settle down for us and joined the brigade in front of Xiang.The “interview” process is not just for job hunting now, it was then.The captain must hold a membership meeting and pass the interview before he can be accepted.Interview requirements are different today, and some ideas are almost the opposite.I wore a yellow uniform. I made it myself. It was in fashion.As I helped my third uncle feed pigs in the production team, my clothes were very dirty, especially my trousers, which were splashed with pig food and mud.I still have rubber shoes on my feet, and I shaved my head for the first few days.The commune was held that day in the hay cutlet of the horse horn, and the commune was already full when I entered.People saw me in this outfit, this look, and they approved immediately.Liu CAI, who was feeding the horse, said, “This must be a good one. It must be a farmer.Then everyone said yes and raised their hands for it, and it was approved for our family of five.My parents and younger sister had already returned home, and we thought it was expedient to come here, so we didn’t tell them.Such a smooth pass, in addition to the shaved head is deliberately for, the other dress is not pretend, I call this suit, can not afford good.Because all the money is going to the new site.If you really want to dress well and dress up, you may not be able to get through the interview.This is because the production team is not for good-looking and elegant people, but for the labor force to do the big work. The plainer the better.Then I sent a telegram to my younger brother. In those years, members would ask for leave with the production team wherever they went.In order to have a reason to ask for leave, according to the original code issued four words, “Qi Doctor no. 5”.The second brother knew that all five people were behind, and “Number five” meant that five people were behind.Because his wife was ill in those days, he asked for leave from the production team and went to Qiqihar to see a doctor.Others feel that I have dealt with the admission procedures, qiqihar Hospital no. 5.After receiving the telegram, the younger brother asked for leave, said to send sister-in-law to Qi City to see a doctor.There happened to be a firewood car going to the county, so I took that car to the county, and then took the train to the front brigade. I temporarily rented a house, and my younger brother worked in the production team directly!My first day of work was sowing manure, accompanied by Liu Shengfu, with a horse-drawn plow.There was a thousand miles to grow, and each man had to keep up half the pace of the horse, and to pick up piles of muck into the basket a little distance apart, and then slip into the furrowed furrows with the basket rope over his chest.I was so tired and sweaty that I couldn’t keep up with my hard work.In the afternoon, my partner told me that you were working so hard that you couldn’t keep up.Only then did I know that the original big help coax had to understand this set, and everyone had to learn to fool around. There was no more muck in the basket, so I ran with the horse plough, and all the other muck was raised around with a shovel. It was not tired, but it was easy.Although he knew the secret, zha Gan still couldn’t bear it, as if he were sorry to the production team.If you don’t do this, you really can’t keep up with it. After a long time, you won’t feel guilty!The big sister and the third brother are still at the upper crossing. They will tidy up, wrap up and get ready. They will come when we make proper arrangements here.When the elder sister and the third brother moved, it was the cousin who sent her elder sister to niqiu.Still no car, of course. He’s only 14, so he walks.40 miles to the loach, the third brother was allergic to the whole body from a big knot, swollen face, but also carrying things.There is a “gas demon cat” round basket, but also some what all forget, there are sixty pounds of rice beans, divided into two bags tied together on the shoulder, all the way tired to pant hard, big sister and three younger brother to replace the back.My cousin Dongxing also brought some things to nehe’s sister, so he couldn’t help them.Now I think it’s so hard just to walk those roads, let alone to carry so many things!Cousin Dongxing saw her siblings off on the train and went to her sister’s home.The eldest sister and the third brother walked aimlessly all the way, and when they were waiting for the bus at rich Station at night, they fell asleep unconsciously because they were so tired all the way.Is sleeping sweet, listen to the horn a shout, suddenly woke up, unsuspectedly on the car.It was windy and a little cold.When we got off the bus at Dongheping, we sat in a ditch by the roadside for shelter, wondering where the third aunt’s family lived.Where can I find it?As they were about to go to the village to ask questions, a woman in her twenties came out of the school gate and asked directions and named her third uncle.Really too coincidentally, the woman said, I am your second cousin, quickly follow me home!We all joined the meeting and joined the production team and became members here, called “later households”.We work very have bear hardships spirit, I work just general, two younger brother, big sister stem all very good, three younger brother just 14 years old, already arranged to go to school.I remember that when the wheat was harvested, school was out, and the third brother did as much work as the adults and was paid as adults.We became full members of the forward brigade and soon won praise from the production team.During the Spring Festival that year, I made up a couplet of my own: Top couplet: Once I drank tender water, I felt sweet. Second couplet: Today’s meal is fresher according to the grain.