Chinese navy ships relief supplies to Tonga

2022-06-11 0 By

Guangzhou, Jan. 31 (Xinhua) — A Fleet consisting of two Chinese naval vessels set off from a port in Guangzhou, Capital of South China’s Guangdong Province, Monday morning to deliver disaster relief supplies to Tonga.The taskforce consists of the amphibious dock landing ship Wuzhishan and the comprehensive supply ship Chaganhu of the PLA Navy under the PLA Southern Theater Command. The taskforce is loaded with more than 1,400 tons of disaster relief supplies, including mobile wooden houses, tractors, generators, pumps, water purifiers, emergency food and medical and epidemic prevention equipment.Faced with the large quantity, variety and dispersion of loaded materials, the taskforce made scientific planning and strict organization. The officers and soldiers of the taskforce worked around the clock in groups and quickly and efficiently completed the loading and fixation of all materials.In order to prevent and control the epidemic, all supplies have been sterilized and quarantined for several times before being loaded onto the ship.The command ship Wuzhishan is also equipped with professional medical personnel and equipment, and is capable of epidemic prevention and control and medical treatment.The TASKforce will also provide assistance within its capacity to the Tongan side upon subsequent request.Sai Liucheng, head of the commanding group of the TASKforce, said that the taskforce has a short preparation time, a large load of supplies, a long sailing distance and high requirements for epidemic prevention and control. The taskforce has fully anticipated various complex situations and carefully organized missions to ensure the safe and rapid delivery of disaster relief supplies to Tonga.