Dongfeng group to carry out physical assessment

2022-06-11 0 By

In order to fully prepare for the full general training competition, on February 6, all the staff of dongfeng Brigade gave up the rest and carried out the physical assessment of all the staff.The leaders of the brigade stressed that the assessment should strictly follow the plan and follow the principle of “fairness, justice and openness”. In the assessment, they should strictly observe the standards and strictly pinch the table to ensure the assessment results are true and accurate and successfully complete the assessment work.After arriving at the examination site, the team organized all the members to warm up before the activity, and fully adjusted their bodies to the best condition.Before the examination, the examination team emphasized all kinds of safety matters needing attention in the examination.The assessment, all the team members with full enthusiasm wholeheartedly, set off a wave of training upsurge.After the assessment, the team examiner gave affirmation to the assessment results, and put forward the following requirements: to strengthen the physical training, improve the physical quality of the team members.Strengthen team coordination ability, enhance team and station combat effectiveness.Strengthen the study of theoretical knowledge and improve the theoretical literacy of all commanders and combatants.Through the assessment, practical inspection to consolidate the recent training results, recognize their own training deficiencies and shortcomings, clear the direction of the next step, the assessment effectively strengthen the physical fitness foundation and physical quality of the dongfeng brigade in the full general training competition to achieve good results to lay a solid foundation.